8-year-old tricks Zoom support and parents into skipping online classes

We already know that kids are smart and come up with ideas every now and then that their parents don’t expect. Now an 8-year-old girl in the USA has managed to trick not only her parents, but also the Zoom support team.

Seemingly insurmountable problems with Zoom

The niece of US software developer Mike Piccolo managed to escape classes via Zoom for several days with a simple trick. During lessons, the eight-year-old repeatedly encountered seemingly insurmountable problems with the Zoom call. In the process, she was able to fool not only her parents, but also Zoom’s support team.

The first problems occurred at the home of Piccolo’s sister. Her three children also participated in the online lessons with Zoom. But for her niece, the Zoom call stopped working after a short time. After the eight-year-old told her mother, she tried to restart the video call, but nothing worked. Even logging back in was not possible, and everyone was sure that the problem was with Zoom. The following day, the girl was able to attend class without any problems until she suddenly flew out of the video call again. The girl’s mother tried to log back in, but as before, nothing worked. She then contacted her daughter’s teacher to explain the situation and promised to look at it all again. The next day, she received a message that an incorrect password had been entered. So the eight-year-old could not participate in class again and the mother had to talk to the teacher again. After still no solution was in sight, the mother suspected that it may be due to the IP address. So she brought the girl to a friendly family, so that she can finally participate in classes from there again. Here everything worked for the time being, until her daughter was kicked out of the Zoom call again. Again, it is not possible to re-enroll. So it can only be due to Zoom itself, so the mother’s assumption. .

Zoom has no explanation for the problems

Since it could not go on like this, the mother turned to Zoom’s support team. Even after several hours of phone calls, the technicians had no explanation for the problems. Zoom’s technicians realized that the user account has been blocked in the meantime. The explanation is quite simple after several days of trying to log in from different locations. After Zoom’s support was unable to help, the classroom teacher rebuilt the entire classroom. There were new invitations and new login credentials for all students. But this strategy didn’t work for Piccolo’s niece either. The principal made another attempt by sending the computer teacher to the families’ homes, but even he could not find a solution to the problem.

Even after a week without lessons, there was no progress, so the mother decided to teach her daughter herself from now on. After another week passed, the family tried again with Zoom. Again at the friend’s family’s house, as it worked best here so far, at least for a while. Signing up for Zoom went without a hitch and classes could begin. The mother’s friend then leaves the girl alone in front of the computer. After checking back in with the girl a short time later, she noticed that the eight-year-old had logged out. When asked why she had logged out, the girl replied that she wanted to log in again because it didn’t work so well. This made the mother’s friend suspicious. She better keep an eye on the girl. In what she thought was an unguarded moment, she was able to watch the eight-year-old log off and enter the wrong password twenty times. If the password is entered incorrectly too many times, the user account is blocked for a certain period of time. With this simple trick, the eight-year-old had a lot of free time and fooled several adults.

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