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Acer Nitro XV2: HDR-WQHD 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Reviewed

Image Quality

Let’s get to the most important point in our test: image quality. Anyone who deals with 144 Hz WQHD monitors with IPS panels will quickly notice that the panel quality can vary greatly for some monitors. Among other things, it’s about dirt behind the display or poor illumination.

In our test we have therefore carried out the monitor test of Eizo. Our test product has no pixel errors or dirt behind the display.


We also took a closer look at the illumination with the help of a dark image. It should be noted that the camera displays deficits in illumination much more extreme than they are actually perceptible. Therefore we now come to the practical use: In dark film or play scenes the illumination does not attract negative attention.

The XV2 offers an HDR mode, which is to do justice to the standard DisplayHDR 400. Some HDR sample films were examined and compared in parallel with the Acer XF0. Both monitors had brightness at the maximum level and Windows had HDR mode enabled. In a direct comparison, one difference is immediately noticeable: on the Nitro XV2, the higher maximum brightness and thus a more lively playback is noticeable. The XF0 also looks a bit paler. Overall, we are satisfied with the playback of films, but we shouldn’t expect any miracles in HDR playback due to the maximum possible brightness.

In fact, the majority of users should consider the monitor because of the 144 Hz. In our test it is suitable for playing fast games of all kinds. Images do not hang, but fluidly merge, tearing and stuttering do not occur during our test.

Finally, we come to image processing in our test. The Nitro XV2 comes with a printout of a Color Calibration Testing Report. This certifies that a colour accuracy of Delta E less than or equal to 2 is achieved in the profile sRGB.


The Nitro XV2 is operated via buttons and a joystick located behind the monitor. In addition to a detailed menu for setting various parameters, it is also possible to select a predefined and personal profile. The menu navigation is logically structured and after a very short familiarization phase it went smoothly and quickly.

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