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Aiwa Arc-1 Review – Bluetooth Headphones with Cool Features


Bluetooth headphones are out of the question for audiophiles anyway, but the Aiwa Arc-1 is really well tuned. The highs and mids are well tuned. If not so good that songs come across as the artist imagined them to.

As a tester who mainly listens to metal, I would like a bit more bass. Even without an equalizer the result sounds very good. The soundstage is fine for closed headphones. Nothing gets lost and even a spatial feeling arrives.

If the Arc-1 is not only responsible for listening to music, but you also need it for telephony, you can confidently use it. The phone calls can be answered relaxed by pressing a button. The caller is very easy to understand (depending on the current network quality) and as a called party you are also easy to understand.

A big criticism goes to the built-in amplifier. If there is a soft spot in a song or if a song is being changed, you can hear a noise. The louder the headphones, the louder the noise. If you play music at normal volume, you won’t hear anything, just like in standby mode.

Battery Life

Aiwa indicates a battery life of 20 hours for the Arc-1. In standby mode (switched on and connected headphones without playback) up to 800 hours should be possible. We haven’t tested whether the specifications for standby mode are realistic. During operation, we came up with 19.2 hours, almost a precision landing. Of course, it always depends on the volume and the range to the smartphone.

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