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Aiwa Exos-9 Review: Mobile Bluetooth Speaker with Plenty of Power


The speaker can play music. Its function is thus described quite clearly and largely unambiguously. However, it is equipped with some interesting extras that we naturally wanted to take a closer look at.

The equalizer, which makes it possible to adjust the sound with the help of five bands, deserves special mention. There are also four presets and an energy-saving mode that dampens the bass. The presets are very well done and are a strong selling point for the Exos-9. In practice, the equalizer was able to make relatively radical changes, which ultimately makes it suitable for playing a wide variety of music pieces.

Playback devices can therefore be connected to the loudspeaker via AUX or Bluetooth. NFC is also available to establish a fast Bluetooth connection. Smartphones, for example, can be charged via the existing USB port, while the other port is intended for updates.

The Exos-9 is permanently in Bluetooth pairing mode unless you lock it manually and keep up to 8 devices in memory simultaneously. This works without any problems, but we had some difficulties with the first pairing and needed several starts with our Huawei P20 Pro until a successful connection was established.

The display, which also shows the battery status, switches off relatively quickly when playing music. Other relevant information such as the music title are not displayed anyway, so this doesn’t bother any further.

The control options directly on the Exos-9 are unfortunately limited. So you can pause songs and resume playback, but it is not possible to skip songs or go back. This requires the remote control, which costs an additional 12.99 Euro. With this we had problems to stop the playback in the beginning, but in the later course of the test it worked suddenly.

Another positive feature is the possibility to link two Aiwa Exos-9s together to enjoy stereo sound. But we couldn’t test this because we only had one unit.


The sound of the Aiwa Exos-9 is powerful and very clear. Five integrated loudspeakers, including a 6.5-inch subwoofer with an output of 200 watts, ensure this. With the help of the equalizer, it was possible to adapt the AUX mode to one’s own wishes to a great extent. Everything is possible with the Exos-9, from balanced to bass-heavy to high-frequency sound. We were very satisfied with that. We noticed particularly positively that the settings are consistently maintained even at high volumes – even bass-stressed sound is still perfectly reproduced at high volumes.

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