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Alpenföhn Ben Nevis Advanced RGB Black Edition Review: A CPU Cooler with a Light Coming On!

Packaging & Scope of Delivery

The Alpenföhn Ben Nevis Advanced CPU cooler is delivered in the RGB Black Edition in a high-quality packaging whose external design already suggests the new main function, namely RGB lighting. The package contains the cooling tower with pre-installed 130 mm fan, two smaller packages with accessories and installation instructions.

In the two additional packages there is a backplate, an Intel and an AMD retention module, a bag with heat conducting paste, a splitter cable for further LED strips or fans and of course the control module for the lighting of the fan. What is striking here is that the backplate has two small adhesive strips, with which it holds absolutely securely on the back of the mainboard. This makes it much easier to assemble the complete cooler, as the backplate does not necessarily have to be held in place with one hand.

Workmanship & Design

As the name suggests, the radiator comes completely in black. Many systems follow a certain colour scheme, which means that nickel-plated or silver-coloured coolers cannot be integrated very well optically. The black of the Ben Nevis Advanced RGB Black, on the other hand, offers ideal conditions for optically harmonious PC systems. For a price of € 32.27 the finish leaves nothing to be desired and makes a good impression. Sharp edges or unclean corners are not found. Only the connections of the cables could be a little easier to connect.

The cooler basically comes in the classic tower format, which measures 130 x 159 x 74 mm (W x H x D) together with the standard fan. Thanks to the so-called Heatpipe Direct Touch technology (H.D.T.), the heatpipes are in direct contact with the CPU’s heatspreader, which significantly improves heat transfer. Supported by four 6 mm thick double heatpipes, optimum heat distribution is ensured, which dissipates heat from a total of 49 aluminium fins. A centrally placed “Shock Killer Pole” should also provide more stability against bending of the aluminium slats and also absorb shocks during transport.

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