Alpha 1: Sony introduces new professional camera

With the Alpha 1, Sony introduces a new professional camera that is qualitatively above the previous top model. With it, the company wants to establish a new professional series.

Basic equipment: best-in-class technology

With the Alpha 1, Sony relies on top-class features throughout. For example, the camera shoots at 50.1 megapixels and features a BionzXR image processor that is supposed to be eight times faster than its predecessor. In addition, there are fifteen f-stops, an ISO light sensitivity range expandable to values between 50 and 102,400, from 100 to 32,000 by default, and internal sensor stabilization that ensures that up to 5.5 f-stops can be compensated.

Hybrid autofocus for professional images

The camera is further equipped with a hybrid autofocus that automatically readjusts up to 120 times per second to enable professional images. It features a total of 759 phase-based sensors and 425 contrast-based sensors. Meanwhile, the sensor’s measurement fields cover about 92 percent of its surface area.

Revised shutter

Furthermore, in comparison with the previous models, the most noticeable feature is the major revision of the camera shutter. Sony has noticeably improved both the mechanical and the electronic shutter: especially the rolling shutter effect has been massively revised. The synchronization of the electronic shutter is at 1/200, that of the mechanical even at 1/400.

Video recording in 8K

The camera can be used to record videos as well as photos. Here, the model meets the latest standards and enables recordings with 8K resolution. It is possible to record 30 frames per second. If the resolution is capped at 4K, 120 frames per second are possible. Consequently, professional video recordings are possible in both cases.

Further features and connectivity

The viewfinder of the Alpha 1 is already used in the Alpha 7S III. Equipped with OLED technology, it features 9.33 million pixels, a magnification factor of 0.9 and a refresh rate of 240 FPS.

The camera’s other features include various shortcut buttons and a three-inch display that resolves to 1.44 million pixels. The camera can be connected to other devices via Wi-Fi, USB-C or HDMI. In addition, it has a headphone and microphone input.

Price and availability

The device will be available from March 2021 and will be priced at around 7,300 euros.

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