AOC introduces three new monitors at once

AOC, the display expert, is launching three new monitors – the U32P2, Q32P2 and U28P2A. The brand-new devices offer a screen diagonal of 28 to 31.5 inches. In addition to a brilliant resolution, the manufacturer also wants to score with other features that should make especially demanding users happy.

Expansion of the P2 series

With the three new monitors, AOC is expanding its popular P2 series. While the U32P2 and U28P2A score with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K UHD), the Q32P2 has a slightly lower resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (QHD). Away from the resolution, however, the three newcomers have a lot more to offer.


In the 31.5-inch U32P2, AOC installs a high-quality VA/Wide Gamut panel whose specs are quite respectable. This already starts with the contrast values of 3,000:1. Furthermore, the display covers the sRGB color space by 119 percent and the Adobe RGB color space by 88 percent. The 4K resolution ensures that the pictures are not only colorful, but also razor-sharp. Gamers will be happy to know that annoying tearing is prevented by support for Adaptive Sync.

On top of that, the monitor offers a response time of a solid 4 ms. Conveniently, AOC installs a VESA 100 mount here. This enables installation on a monitor arm, for example. Furthermore, mini-PCs can also be attached to the back of the stand thanks to the VESA P2 mount. Two speakers with a power of 3 watts are also on board. In addition to DisplayPort 1.2, the U32P2 also offers two HDMI ports for connecting image sources.


The Q32P2 also comes with a 31.5-inch screen diagonal. However, many of the other specs differ from the newcomer of the same size. The Q32P2 uses an IPS panel that covers 102 percent of the sRGB color space and 75 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. The resolution is slightly lower at 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (QHD).

The response time of 4 ms, on the other hand, is identical to the U32P2. There are also hardly any differences in the design. The bezel is pleasingly thin here as well. Also included are the two 3 watt speakers as well as VESA 100 and VESA P2 mounts. AOC also relies on two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort port for the interfaces.


If you do not want to do without a high 4K resolution, but are already satisfied with 28 inches for this, perhaps the U28P2A is the right solution. Here, AOC scores again with a pretty frameless design. Despite the high resolution, an IPS panel is also used here, which covers 120 percent of sRGB and 89 percent of Adobe RGB.

The other specs again coincide with the two big new additions. In addition to the two VESA standards, Adaptive Sync, two speakers, two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort port are all on board.

Prices and Availability

One immediately notices that the three monitors are predestined for use in the office or home office. In addition to the specs mentioned above, extensive options for personal settings also speak for this. In particular, AOC attaches great importance to ergonomics. Finally, all three monitors can be swiveled, tilted and used in pivot format. The manufacturer is calling for an MSRP of 439 euros for the AOC U32P2, an MSRP of 309 euros for the Q32P2 and an MSRP of 379 euros for the slightly smaller AOC U28P2A. The three monitors should be available in stores from April.

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