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Aurvana Trio Wireless from Creative – wireless in-ear headphones with 20 hours battery life

Design, workmanship & wearing comfort

The main components of the product box, which include the carrying case and charging cable in addition to the actual headphones, have an overall very good to good build quality. Nevertheless, we noticed a few unpleasant details that could possibly be annoying for one or the other person.

The neckband is largely made of supple silicone, so it’s already very comfortable to wear. Its two ends are each encased in metal and house the controls on the right in the form of three multifunction buttons.

These three controls unfortunately feel both a bit sharp-edged and extremely loose, which unfortunately doesn’t reflect the rest of the quality and is therefore quite a shame.

The charging port for the included micro-USB cable is right next to it and is covered by a thin flap, which sits a bit loose in the port on the review sample, which could theoretically and under certain circumstances open it unintentionally. However, this did not happen during our test.

The earpieces of the headphones seem well designed. For more convenient handling when not in use, both sides can be held together by built-in magnets. Changing the earbuds with one of the 6 included pairs is easy and can be done in a few simple steps, which also makes regular cleaning easier.

When worn, the earplugs close the ear canal tightly and thus also have a relatively good fit, which ultimately probably also leads to the fairly good noise isolation. However, after several hours of wear at the latest, the earplugs become noticeably uncomfortable to slightly painful. A break or loosening of the seat then provides relief.

At first, the included carrying case didn’t seem large enough to stow the headphones in. However, with a bit of patient and careful bending and pressing of the neck strap, it finally works out and is definitely better than stuffing the partly delicate cables of the headphones into a bag without protection. Besides that, the charging cable also fits into the case.
The case feels smooth on the outside, otherwise consists of plastic fabric and makes a well processed impression.

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