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Backforce One review: Can Interstuhl also convince with a gaming chair?

Backforce is a young brand from Germany that wants to establish itself in the highly competitive market with a gaming chair. The first product that was heavily advertised online is now also available – the Backforce One gaming chair. The name is obviously aptly chosen. We subjected the product to an extensive test because we wanted to find out whether and, if so, to what extent the new brand of the well-known German chair manufacturer Interstuhl could stand out in the market. We were excited, after all Interstuhl can draw on over 50 years of experience and the chairs are also manufactured in Germany.

What we think of the Backforce One, what it has to offer and what else we think is worth mentioning in this context, you can read in our test report.

Design and workmanship

Anyone who has the chair in front of them will quickly recognize that it is a typical gaming chair. Even though the Backforce One has its optical highlights, it still presents itself like an ordinary gaming chair.

The chair uses a mixture of Alcantara and imitation leather as cover. This gives the Backforce One a noble look, but the Alcantara also effectively prevents sweating. From behind the chair is equipped with a modern plastic shield, which consists of several layers. The chair is handmade in Germany and looks like this: the seams are neatly finished and the fabric is also flawless.

We especially like the patch on the top, which is attached by velcro and can be personalized. Of course, buyers also have the choice of different colours. We have chosen the colour blue and have not applied a personalised patch, but this costs only nine euros and is therefore an extra charge.

The Backforce One is also unique because of its LED light on the back, which the brand itself calls Gamer Pulse. Here you can place your own logo, which then illuminates the chair. The lamp is recharged via Micro USB, so there is a built-in battery that promises up to 20 hours of runtime.

With these two options mentioned, Backforce leaves buyers with some customization options that are quite laudable.

Furthermore, the Backforce One is unique because of its foldable armrests, which is something no other gaming chair has ever had.

Let us now turn to some specifications. The chair is placed on a high-quality base made of brushed aluminium, in which five standard castors are fixed and soft floors are mounted. The aluminium base also features a laser-cut Backforce logo. The chair is designed for a load of up to 130 kg. The total height is 128-140 cm depending on the setting of the gas pressure spring. The seat is between 45 and 57 cm high, so you can sit comfortably. The width of the seat surface is 53 cm, at the same time it is 49 cm deep. The backrest is 57 cm wide and 84 cm at the same time. The width of the armrests is between 7 and 9 cm and they are 24-27 cm long, depending on where you measure.

By the way, it is also praiseworthy that the chair is recyclable and uses CFC-free foams.

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