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Backforce versus Maxnomic: Two-class battle between young and old manufacturer

With over 30 different chairs in their lineup and more than 10 years of manufacturing gaming chairs, Maxnomic has a leg up on the Backforce team on paper. If we’re talking in price ranges, Backforce starts where Maxnomic ends. In the end, though, it’s always what’s in the chairs, how and, more importantly, where they’ve been workmanship, and what features they bring to the table that count.

In order to find out, apart from price and range of offers, which manufacturer crafts the better chairs, we have again made a comparison. So far, Backforce has gone up against DXRacer, Gamechanger, Recaro, SecretLab and noblechairs prevailed – albeit only just in the case of one or the other name – and thus leads 5:0. So now we will find out whether the German manufacturer Maxnomic will still claim an honorary victory.

We compared the materials used, workmanship, comfort, design in terms of weight and body size, warranty claim as well as customizable extras and cooperations or sponsorships with e-sports organizations and content creators. Let the battle begin!

Corner data about the companies

Backforce Maxnomic
Foundation 2019 2011
country of origin Germany Germany
Market segment Premium Medium/Premium
Target group (size) 150 – 192 cm 165 – 210 cm
Target group (weight) Up to 130 kg Up to 150 kg
Price range of all chairs 499 – 629 euros 319 – 569 euros
Special Features 5D armrests, flexible lumbar support, distinctive back shield, customizable extras Lordosis support (for office models), 4D armrests, cold foam moldings, multi-layered faux leather

Backforce: young, innovative and with cumulative experience in the background

For almost two years now, Backforce has more or less dominated the gaming chair market. Starting with the One, the success story continued within a very short time with the One Plus. The recipe for success? The brand did not spring from the ground from 0 to 100, but belongs to the Interstuhl Group. A manufacturer for high-quality and handmade chairs with more than 60 years of experience.

And it is precisely these that have gone into the first Backforce chair in 2019. Yet not everything has been considered and built in, that came only with the One Plus. The emphasis in the Backforce chairs is also on craftsmanship and Made in Germany. Both of these things cost money, of course, but we can say with a clear conscience that every single cent is the best investment.

This is especially noticeable with the fact that Backforce gives a 10-year warranty on each of its chairs. Unique in the entire market! If you calculate that down, you end up paying just over 5 euros per month, when you won’t need a new chair for at least 11 years.

There will come a time when a gaming chair will be developed that will be better than the Backforce One Plus. If the manufacturer doesn’t beat itself, it will be another existing or new brand. But until then, Backforce is the ultimate in gaming chairs when it comes to price-performance. And that’s what we’ll now briefly summarize.

What sets Backforce’s gaming chairs apart

Particularly striking is the differentiated design, which firstly deviates from the typical racing bucket seat and secondly presents a completely new shape. The visual focus is on the patches on the shoulders of the backrests, the large multi-layer plastic shield, the Gamer Pulse on the back, and the rough and quilted parts made of Alcantara leather.

The Gamer Pulse is all about a battery-powered LED light with the Backforce logo pinned to it. Of course, this can also be customized with your own logo. Likewise, the patches can be individually inscribed when the chair is purchased. The Backforce chairs are available in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and gray. In addition, there are two special editions because Backforce is a sponsor of the BIG clan as well as YouTuber Paluten.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Colors and exteriors are all well and good, what matters is what a gaming chair can do. Comfort in the Backforce chairs is influenced by several factors. For one, there are two foam components built into the seat, so your butt is supported a little harder in the right places and a little softer in the others. This is good for the tailbone and long comfortable sitting. On the other hand, a molded wooden plate is installed, which “moves” according to personal weight, body size and sitting posture. The alternative is a steel frame, which is inflexible and hard. Padded 5D armrests and a lumbar support that can be flexibly adjusted in depth and height bring the comfort of the Backforce One Plus to the point.

In order to really sit in the chairs for hours without interruption, not only good comfort brings something, but breathable fabrics are also important. Fortunately, Backforce has chosen not to use genuine leather, which has a reputation for being particularly good for summer gaming. Alcantara leather can do the same and does not come from animals, but is artificially produced. If you still miss a neck pillow, you can buy it separately in Backforce’s store. However, we suspect that 90 percent of buyers won’t need one.

Other features include a synchro mechanism, where the backrest adjusts to the movement of the seat, and seat depth and tilt adjustment, which is also still a rarity among gaming chairs. And because Backforce is concerned about protecting the environment, the Interstuhl team behind it has taken care to make every component of the chairs from recyclable materials. A 10-year warranty builds on that, since after two years, you don’t have to get a new chair right away, as is the case with other certain brands.

What makes Maxnomic gaming chairs stand out

At Maxnomic, you can’t lump all chairs together; the selection is too diverse. The manufacturer from Germany also differentiates between chairs for pro gamers, hobby gamers, office activities or tall people. Depending on the division, different extras are built in. In most cases, 4D armrests are standard equipment. Likewise, a steel frame is built into each backrest, which is connected with elastic bands. These provide the necessary support. However, once these bands are “worn out,” they would need to be replaced. Otherwise, they no longer do their job, which is not optimal for the back.

The office model Ergoceptor OFC is also equipped with a flexibly adjustable lumbar support. Otherwise, most models from Maxnomic have a rocker mechanism that can be adjusted based on five locking positions – depending on what you’re doing, you’ll have the right position in place.

Otherwise, cold foam moldings have been chosen for the upholstery, as well as multi-layer PU synthetic leather. This is also breathable and is excellently workmanship – although not by hand and not in Germany, but in China. This explains the relatively low price. However, considering how few functions a Maxnomic brings along, the average 400 euros is already a bit too much.

The chairs can be pimped out for an extra charge only with different casters and a different turnstile. In addition, the name can be embroidered on the chair for 50 euros. Ultimately, the look of all Maxnomic models is strongly reminiscent of the typical racing shells mentioned at the beginning. We have to give credit to the fact that the manufacturer has removed the sides of the seats in the last two released chairs, so that you don’t sit so cramped. We also have to praise the workmanship and the quality of the materials.

We’ll be honest, though: at first glance, it seems like it’s going to be an outright victory for Backforce, and easily so. But don’t get too ahead of yourself; Maxnomic still has an ace up its sleeve. The MIG series is what we titled premium in the key data table. Maxnomic is thus not only a competitor for the mid-range manufacturer DXRacer, but also for Backforce. As an equal opponent, we have therefore naturally pitted a chair from the MIG series against the One Plus from Backforce.

Top models: the BACKFORCE One Plus compared to the MAXNOMIC Hexaboss MIG

In this case, they are indeed fighting at eye level. Both top models are equipped with a flexibly adjustable lumbar support. And like the Backforce chairs, the entire MIG series is also made in Germany (MIG = Made in Germany). Otherwise, the Maxnomic Hexaboss offers significantly more free space, a height-adjustable cushion and an optimized, multi-layered seat made of PU foam padding.

Thanks to the rocker mechanism and adjustment lever, the chair from Maxnomic can be well adapted to personal needs. The backrests can be adjusted in four different directions and have been given the usual finger rest. A sturdy construction is provided by an aluminum base and a tubular steel frame in the backrest. You can also choose between castors for hard or soft floors. In addition, the size of the seat can be determined: short seat with 50 cm and long seat with 54 cm; entirely according to the individual thigh length.

Backforce’s One Plus doesn’t offer the latter choice, but it does offer a 10-year warranty and a molded wood plate in the back – which, as we’ve written so many times now, is the best thing for a healthy back.

In terms of features, both models are on par with each other. Externally, we’re still a bit more of a fan of Backforce – but that’s always a matter of taste. In terms of price, we’re also on par: While Maxnomic’s Hexaboss costs 689 euros or 719 euros with a larger seat, Backforce’s 629 euros is enough. For that, you get the aforementioned features, 5D armrests, Made in Germany and a full 10-year warranty. In addition, the freshly baked manufacturer lets you choose the color and has one or two optical extras to offer.


The bottom line is that Backforce wins this comparison in our eyes. But this time we’ll let it be a draw, crediting Maxnomic‘s years of experience, quality and reputation. The German manufacturer hasn’t been in the gaming business for half an eternity for nothing, and it will stay there for a while. The reason: Maxnomic moves with the times and has taken a slice of the premium segment.

However, we would like to see more customization options for the MIG series in the future. Otherwise, we feel perfectly comfortable in both the Hexaboss and the One Plus from Backforce – especially from an ergonomic point of view. The draw can at most be broken by the price-performance ratio and the warranty period. In these two things, Backforce remains unbeaten and rightfully at the top of this year’s best gaming chairs – as we recently noted in our updated top list.

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