Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Headset!

The benefits of a gaming headset

  • The price. No question – for a good gaming headset you’ll have to pick up a few Eurons, otherwise you’ll get annoyed after the first match at the latest. Nevertheless, it is usually much cheaper to buy the microphone and headset separately.
  • 3, 2, 1, go! You don’t have a big cable spaghetti and thousands of installations or merges on the PC: Once plugged in, the next match can actually start right away. This also works on consoles.
  • If you use a floor-standing microphone, you must always sit neatly at the PC and not move too far away from – or towards – the microphone. With a gaming headset you can sit back and relax, gamble on the couch or even in bed. The microphone is always in the same place because it is attached to the headset, the headphones are quickly plugged in and put on.

Analog or Digital

Also the type of connection is not uninteresting when choosing the headset. Usually there is a choice between analogue and digital connection. Both versions are common and offer their own advantages.

Analogue connection

With an analog connection, the headphones are connected directly to the audio location on the end device. The headset has a 3.5 mm jack connection. This allows it to be connected to the PC, console, smartphone or even tablet. Since the end device takes over the sound refinement, it is especially advisable to use this option if a high-quality audio solution is available. The advantage of this is that your gaming headset directly accesses the sound card of the end device and no own card is needed.

Analog jack connector
Analog jack connector

Digitaler Anschluss

Digital connection

With the digital connection, the headset is connected to the terminal device via a USB cable. The selected gaming headset has its own sound workmanship and exchanges the corresponding data with the system. The advantage: DSP* often offers very good sound quality and different sound profiles. The latter can then be set analogously, depending on what the headset is currently used for: Music, movies or gaming. For different games further configuration can be done.

Digital USB Port
Digital USB Port

Many gaming headsets now have both connectivity options, so you don’t have to decide before you buy. Every player can try it out for himself and find the right variant for himself and his own use.

*DSP stands for Digital Sound Processor. This refers to digital sound workmanship, which in some cases provides better sound quality than normal onboard sound chips.

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Nowadays, headsets are an integral part of every desk. In the office they are used for meetings, conferences, calls and music so that noises from outside do not disturb or distract. It is also more practical than any telephone, as your hands remain free and you can also write down the most important information. But especially on the tables of gamblers of all ages there is at least one headset. It’s the best way to transmit the soundscape and help you get the most out of your gaming experience. What good is the most beautiful music, composed by the London Symphony Orchestra or the coolest dubbing actors, when they are transmitted over loudspeakers? Nothing at all. But the microphone is at least as important – streamers communicate with their community and multiplayer gaming can’t be imagined without them anyway. By the way, this doesn’t just apply to the computer: gaming headsets are also a welcome companion on the console.
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