Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Headset!

Open or closed system

In addition to the distinction between overlying and comprehensive, it is also interesting whether a listener lies closed or open on the head of the gamers. Theoretically, the closed variants offer better reproduction and higher precision. A closed system reproduces low tones well and acts, as the name suggests, closed.

In contrast, there are the open listeners, which weaken the bass strength and the low tones somewhat, but give off a more open sound image in the room. This means that the location of sounds, such as the cracking of the branches under the boots of the enemy, are easier and better to classify. Since air can get directly to the ear, these headphones are usually a little more comfortable to wear in the long run, especially if you have saved on material quality. Conversely, an open headphone system also means that sounds can penetrate to the outside, just as they can be heard inside. So while closed listeners attenuate significantly more noise in both directions, the open versions are much more susceptible to noise.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Since new gaming headsets are constantly coming onto the market, it is difficult to draw a clear line between the two. New technology = new possibilities. Often it also depends on the personal feeling.

Decision guidance

In order to decide what you should ultimately choose, it is helpful to ask six questions:

  • On which platform do I mainly play?
  • Do I sometimes change the platform?
  • I change the place where I gamble frequently?
  • What kind of games do I gamble most?
  • How much and how long do I actually play?
  • What is particularly important to me?

Of course, these are very general questions, which can be interpreted in different ways. But that’s where the information value lies: If you’ve read about the most important factors and are about to decide which gaming headset is right for you, think back to these six questions. All you have to do is compare the answers with the headsets that come into question for you after a first selection. By the way: the appearance also plays an important role. What’s the use of the technically best Gaming Headset if you don’t like the style at all and are reluctant to put it on? This already causes a bad feeling when starting the next session – and that rarely helps to win.

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Nowadays, headsets are an integral part of every desk. In the office they are used for meetings, conferences, calls and music so that noises from outside do not disturb or distract. It is also more practical than any telephone, as your hands remain free and you can also write down the most important information. But especially on the tables of gamblers of all ages there is at least one headset. It’s the best way to transmit the soundscape and help you get the most out of your gaming experience. What good is the most beautiful music, composed by the London Symphony Orchestra or the coolest dubbing actors, when they are transmitted over loudspeakers? Nothing at all. But the microphone is at least as important – streamers communicate with their community and multiplayer gaming can’t be imagined without them anyway. By the way, this doesn’t just apply to the computer: gaming headsets are also a welcome companion on the console.
The most important information quickly summarized:


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