Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Keyboard!

Rubberdome Keyboards

As a counterpart there are Rubberdome keys that are not mechanical but have a plastic bell. They often have a scissor mechanism, which enables particularly flat key structures and is therefore often used for laptop keyboards. Plastic bells can often be found on particularly inexpensive keyboards. They are rather less suitable for gambling, since they only perceive the keystroke very inaccurately and always have to be pushed through completely, which delays the input considerably.

Coloured Lighting

It just looks really cool – the colorful RBG lighting of many gaming keyboards. But is that really all, just beautiful optics? The bright colours not only help to find the individual keys better on dark gambling nights. They also have a very specific arrangement of colors that help with orientation. They are often created in a standard order, but can also be adjusted manually to suit your own needs.


  • Mark WASD – so you don’t type next to it anymore
  • light the special abilities of your character – so you know exactly where to find the fireball in the dark
  • Set highlights according to your own wishes
  • Removable and changeable buttons

Has it ever happened to you that while cleaning the keyboard, and yes we know there are hundreds of cookie crumbs in it, one of the keys came loose? This can often happen, especially with mechanical keyboards. But there’s nothing to worry about! The removable parts are ideal for cleaning and also offer the possibility to design the keyboard according to your own wishes. The space key should rather be colored red and WASD- do you like WASD better than arrows? Absolutely no problem, everything can be exchanged.

Macro Keys for Individual Key Combinations

In addition to the conventional keyboards that we have known for many years, there are some additional settings. This includes for example the macro keys. This allows you to save certain combinations and recall them quickly at the touch of a button. Keyword: Convenience! It is especially useful for games that often require the same sequence of keystrokes. For example, in MMORPGs, where different spells are quickly strung together.

Additional Gimmicks

There are also keyboards that have a separate multimedia control at the top corners. An integrated roller can be used to adjust the volume, connect USB devices or headphones, or skip music without having to leave the game screen.

Those who pay attention to a particularly high durability of their keyboard should also deal with the cable. By the way, wireless never transmits inputs as fast as a wired keyboard, so we advise against it, especially for frequent gamblers. A braided cable, also often called a sleeved cable, protects against cable breakage.

In particular, keyboards that have just come onto the market in recent years sometimes have holders for the smartphone or other devices such as tablets. So it is always in sight and messages or the time are always in sight.

For optimal comfort, some keyboards have a palm rest at the bottom. However, it also takes up a lot of space and immediately destroys the slim appearance of a keyboard. But it’s always practical: especially on longer gambling nights, the wrists quickly become noticeable. If you have already found your favourite keyboard, but it does not have such an edition, you can also buy it individually . Made of silicone or similar soft materials, for example.

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