Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

When it comes to gaming, users are becoming more and more demanding with their expectations of the small rodents. Dozens of manufacturers fill the market with their products. Every year new models and new “technical terms” are added, so you can quickly lose track of things. The research shows that the topic is more complicated than it initially seems. The Internet is full of more or less meaningful or neutral best lists and comparisons. But what are the most important tips for buying a mouse that will suit your personal preferences? Here we want to summarize the most important characteristics for you. We solve the jungle of terms and answer the question what is important when buying a Gaming-Mouse.

Tips for readers in a hurry:

  • There is no “the perfect mouse“, so form your own opinion and see which one suits you best. Do not orient yourself too much towards others.
  • High DPIValues are often an advertising argument, but they are weak. More than 2000 are enough, more is not always better.
  • Researched, Basic Tutorials is a good place to go. You spend a lot of time with the piece, you should also take this time with the research.
  • Do not make the choice dependent on the manufacturer or price, but look at it soberly. Not every expensive mouse is better too.
  • Which Griffart are you looking for? Try it out, e.g. at a electronics retailer! How often do you use the mouse?
  • Which purpose should they fulfill, office, gaming, which gaming (such as FPS)?
  • Find a middle way at Weight. For little DPI take a light mouse. Additional weights are good.
  • Cable or Cableless? Would you like to change the position with the mouse?
  • choice between laser mouse and optical mice is a struggle of faith. Compare installed sensors neutrally.
  • A good gaming mouse should have a polling rate of 1000 Hz.
  • None Mouse correction or can be disabled in the driver.
  • Mouse acceleration you don’t need as a gamer.
  • Mouse wheel should be of high quality and be easy to move.
  • Espects for Switches quality, the surface must be able to tolerate perspiration.
  • How many additional keys do you need, what of your wishes can actually be implemented with the mouse?
  • What can Software do for the mouse, what can you set?  Is it easy to use and understand?
  • Lighting is beautiful but not a must. However, it should be adjustable in a variety of ways.
  • A mouse should not only look good, but also be able to do something. It has to fit into your hand and euren Preferences fair become . Hide the question about the optics, “spaceship mice” won’t help you if you get cramps in your fingers.
  • A good mouse is not the only guarantee for ingame skill. But a good mouse pad can help 😉
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