Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

What is the best mouse?

I’m sure a lot of people will ask. However, the question about the mouse cannot be answered in general. A leaderboard à la Chip is therefore nonsensical. The requirements for the gaming mouse vary from game to game and from person to person. One thing is certain, however: gamers need a good input device for almost every game. There are many affordable models available on the market that deliver acceptable quality and are absolutely sufficient for most games. In some areas, however, the requirements are significantly higher – in such a case, it is worth comparing the available mice more closely.

In principle, it is not advisable to make the choice of mouse dependent on the manufacturer or the price. Even if many manufacturers build up a kind of product compulsion, for example by making keyboard and mouse communicate better in the package, one should not be impressed by this. A look at the competition is almost always worthwhile, because not one manufacturer is the best in every segment. It is much more important to consider the objective qualities.

The ergonomics of the mouse and the different grips

In recent years, the ergonomics of classic office furnishings have increasingly moved into the focus of users. Mice should also be ergonomic if health disadvantages are to be avoided through frequent use. A conventional mouse cannot meet these requirements – the wrist is bent too much during use. The “wrong” posture of the mouse can lead to a pain syndrome, which in principle can affect the entire area from the wrist to the shoulder.

Ergonomics should therefore be taken into account when selecting the gaming mouse. Ergonomic mice usually provoke a slight rotation of the forearm. Through this, a healthier posture is achieved.

The most common “mouse grips” are called Palm-Grip (palm grip), Claw-Grip (grip) and Fingertip-Grip (fingertip grip). With Palm-Grip the whole hand rests on the mouse and encloses it. This type of grip is most commonly used because it allows each mouse to be controlled comfortably. A Palm-Grip mouse should be large and asymmetrical if possible. The Claw-Grip should be avoided. The only difference to the Palm Grip is that only the fingers rest on the keys and the mouse is enclosed on the side. As the device is almost exclusively operated from the wrist, this type of grip is not recommended. When Fingertip-Grip the mouse is only touched by the fingers. This allows a very precise control of the mouse.

Ergonomic mice, which guarantee a healthy use, seem at first quite strange. Among other things, “vertical mice” are offered. The devices are larger and more misshapen than conventional mice. The keys are not on the top, but on the side. However, they are not suitable for gaming.

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