Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

The question about the cable

This is also a “question of faith”. The fact is that wired mice are a few milliseconds faster than their wireless pendants. However, this does not result in any advantages or disadvantages for the ordinary player. The advantage in the millisecond range is to be considered at most with professional players in the range of very reaction-intensive games. For the average person, it is simply irrelevant whether the mouse is wired or wireless. A cable-free mouse offers more comfort, you can take it with you to the couch and it won’t get tangled up anywhere. But if the battery is empty or the driver causes problems, then the screaming in the middle of the game is often big.

One thing is certain: all good players and all top-class mice serve the cable segment, but it is more relaxed without it. If you don’t want the cable to hang, a mouse bungee can help. Cable sheathing is a must for good mice. If possible, the connections should be gold-plated to ensure better contact over a longer period of time.

Optical or laser sensor

Optical Mice work with an LED. In most cases, a mouse pad is required in order to use these precisely and without complications. Laser mice, on the other hand, work with a laser diode. The laser mouse is to be understood as a “further development” of the conventional optical mouse. In contrast to this, it can be used on numerous surfaces. In addition, the laser mouse consumes less power and often works more precisely.  But be careful, this rule is to be enjoyed with exceptions. Each manufacturer uses their own designations for the sensors, which makes it difficult to maintain an overview. Take a close look at which sensor your dream mouse has and compare on the Internet.

Der Aufbau eines optischen Sensors, Quelle: Agilent


The values DPI (dots per inch) or CPI (counts per inch) indicate how far the cursor moves on the screen when the mouse is moved one inch (inches) . At a DPI value of 1,000, the cursor moves 1,000 pixels on the screen when the mouse is moved one inch – 2.54 centimeters – in reality.

A good gaming mouse is – contrary to popular opinion – not characterized by the highest possible DPI value. The mouse only needs to actually have a DPI value that covers the user’s needs. This goal is reached at about 1,600 DPI in most cases. No human needs mice with – for example – 10,000 DPI. Much more than a high DPI value, the easy adjustability of this value distinguishes a good gaming mouse. The highest possible DPI value is specified – lower values can be set. In gaming, it makes sense to select a mouse whose DPI value can be set in steps of 200 (or less). For each game you need a different DPI value. The following applies: The higher the DPI value, the faster the cursor moves. But the precision suffers from this.

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