Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

Mouse acceleration

Mice that have integrated mouse acceleration enable the cursor to depend on the speed of the actual mouse movement. In everyday life, this means that the faster you move the mouse, the greater the distance covered by the cursor on the screen. It is therefore an artificial acceleration of the cursor by the sensor of the mouse.

In gaming, mouse acceleration is usually not desired. The average player wants to achieve an exact reproduction of his mouse movements for highest precision. However, if the sensor has a mouse acceleration, this intentionally falsifies the transmission. This results in an unnatural movement in the game. In the gaming sector, such mouse acceleration is strongly discouraged. If you want to aim quickly (which often happens), you shoot “over and above the target”.

The mouse wheel, the third button of a gaming mouse

In everyday life, the mouse wheel is mostly only used for scrolling. In addition, however, it can be used as a third mouse button and can be assigned additional functions in numerous games. In the gaming area, you should pay particular attention to the fact that the grid of the mouse wheel can be adjusted. The sensitivity of the mouse wheel should also be easy to adjust. We recommend a 4-axle mouse wheel (e.g. Roccat Titan Wheel), which can also be operated to the left or right. This is very useful for graphics or video editing or for scrolling in documents.

A mouse wheel should have as frequent a sampling rate as possible, i.e. it should only have to be turned a little to trigger it, e.g. to deliver precision for jumps in CS:GO. Letting go can then be timed better. With some models the mouse wheel starts to squeak at some point, so pay attention to quality. It should not be too close to the mouse, but should not protrude too far, because otherwise you would have to put other fingers down when operating the mouse.

Switches & Surface

Regarding switches (left and right mouse buttons), an average gaming mouse should usually have Omron switches and a lifetime of 20 to 30 million clicks. Almost every gaming mouse available on the market meets these requirements. But some manufacturers offer even more. The pressure points on a mouse must also be taken into account: are they too fast or too slow – do they trigger too early or too late? That may sound petty at first, but it’s almost the most important thing when you click in the millions with a mouse.

The coating of a mouse is part of ergonomics. If it gets stressful during gaming or too hot in summer, the mouse should be able to tolerate hand perspiration without becoming slippery or detached.

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