Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

Additional keys

“Normal” mice only have two buttons and a mouse wheel. Gaming mice, on the other hand, can have numerous additional keys that can be assigned to a wide variety of commands. Almost every gaming mouse has two additional thumb buttons. However, some models have up to ten different keys on one side of the mouse – these are structured like the number keys of a conventional mobile phone. In the various games, each key can be assigned a command. Normally most commands are on the keyboard. However, this can be changed. Experienced players can execute numerous commands within fractions of a second using the additional buttons on the mouse. Especially for fans of online role-playing games, a mouse with many additional keys is a good choice. With shooters, on the other hand, you don’t usually need the additional keys.

Mouse buttons are nice to have. However, the question arises as to what can actually be achieved with them. The developers work together with the game manufacturers to create as many unusual and useful features as possible. It’s hardly worth mentioning an additional mouse button to place a macro on it or a simple command like replacing a keyboard key these days. Mouse buttons should not be disturbing during operation. Can all additional keys be easily reached and haptically distinguished from each other? After all, you don’t like to get lost in a game with abilities. An application from 6 keys usually means only 3 additional keys. In the ideal case, the keys can be reached comfortably with the thumb and the mouse can also be moved easily via the mouse pad during operation.

Software & lighting

Almost all well-known hardware manufacturers also offer a corresponding driver for a gaming mouse. Here is a competition between features and gadgets, which can be implemented with this. It is important that a mouse driver is clearly arranged. All “technical terms” should be briefly explained again – in German as well. Settings like mouse wheel speed, DPI, angle snapping, a simple macro recording, many additional features and lighting characterize a useful mouse. A driver should be reliable, simple and offer as many functions as possible. It also makes sense to be able to choose between different profiles. Depending on the area of application, a push of a button is all it takes to adjust the settings to the new game or area. However, some manufacturers also like to obsolete their software, so make sure that your brand will continue to update the driver in the future (e.g. for new games).

With more and more models, the lighting is one of the possible settings of the software. From flickering to breathing, almost everything is there, and most of the time in 16,8 million possible colors. This can look nice, especially if you can configure it according to your own wishes. One should not be “dazzled” by the lights on the mouse, especially not when buying! It has a LAN style factor, but usually you look at the monitor while gaming.

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