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Between Life and Freedom – Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 Wastelands Review

The journey of the two wolf brothers continues. With Wastelands the next episode of Life is Strange 2 by Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix has been released. Here you can find out what to expect in the third episode of the adventure game.

Hint: Even if we don’t want to reveal too much in advance, it’s advisable to have played the first the first and the second episode before reading it.

Camping in the Forest

Wastelands continues the action about two months after the end of the last episode. Sean and Daniel met Cassidy and Finn again on their way and joined them. As the brothers continue to try to make their way to Puerto Lobos, they work on an illegal hash farm to raise the money needed for the trip. They now live in a temporary tent camp in the middle of the forest, together with a group of other runaways and outsiders. However, the supposed idyll of the adventurous forest camp is not preserved for long. What has happened so far has left its mark. Both Sean and Daniel struggle with conflicts that test their relationship more than once.

In the morning at camp


Sean strives to be Daniel both father figure and big brother. This is not easy for him. He wants to protect Daniel and do everything right, but he also has a desire for personal freedom. Daniel gets into a fight with Sean about this. He no longer sees himself as a little child. At the same time he is angry because he feels neglected and put back by his brother. An insight into the past shows that this is not the first time that he feels this way. In addition, Daniel’s powers will increase and the questionable, sometimes dangerous work at the hash farm will cause additional stress. Daniel’s behavior varies in some situations, by the way, depending on the decisions you made in the previous episodes.

Sean and Daniel get in contact more than once

The focus in this episode is even more on the characters, dialogues and relationships. In the tent camp you will get to know new characters and meet familiar faces. Each inhabitant of the camp has his own story to tell. In conversations Sean can learn more about his roommates and talk about himself. You’ll get to know Cassidy and Finn, who appeared in Episode 2, and the other characters. As in the predecessors, more sensitive topics such as alcoholism are addressed here as well. In addition, Sean’s attitude to the group has an effect on Daniel, who in turn has also joined in his own way.

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