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beyerdynamic Byron BTA Review: Could In-Ears Be Even Better?

We have already reported on the Byron series from beyerdynamic last year . Now we were able to test two of the models against each other. The review of the cheaper Byron Wired can be found here. Next we take a look at the premium model, the beyerdynamic Byron BTA, which is currently on the market for approx. 199 €.

The development trend, which has picked up speed since the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from Apple‘s iPhone 7 at the latest, is moving towards Bluetooth. The wireless interface is becoming more and more popular with headphones and earphones. Beyerdynamic sees itself as a well-known manufacturer under pressure and presents the Byron BTA. For a product, the first contact is probably the most important to convince the user. According to the motto “What the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat” you look at the object very carefully and look for corners and edges. beyerdynamic Byron BTA

As a tester, the earphones are related to other audio listeners that I can’t and don’t want to hide. Are they more beautiful than XY, which colour is better, but I found the packaging more successful on the other model, etc.? When unpacking for the first time, I certainly have the price in mind, which sets the bar high. The headphones currently change owners for about 199 €. Therefore, gross mistakes in the packaging would have been unforgivable. Fortunately, no nasty surprises await me at the Byron BTA. The in-ear headphones are beautifully embedded in a sophisticated nest of cardboard and plastic. We have a coherent overall picture that consists of the following.

beyerdynamic Byron BTA

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beyerdynamic Byron BTA Bluetooth In-Ear Headset schwarz/silber price comparison

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