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Casio WSD-F20A Review: Outdoor Smartwatch in Action

Casio is regarded in this country as a watch specialist for the average citizen. Casio watches are generally believed to be robust, suitable in every situation and, above all, inexpensive. Casio proved that this is not the case with one of its latest products – the Smartwatch WSD-F20* is expensive. So expensive that many interested parties are deterred by the price. With the PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20A, Casio is launching a watch on the market that only differs in colour from its predecessor – and is 100 euros cheaper. This was reason enough for us to test this new watch extensively.

Design and workmanship

First of all, it should be mentioned that this is an outdoor watch. Outdoor watches are generally expected to withstand adverse weather conditions. They have to be robust. Nevertheless, many users attach great importance to an attractive design. The WSD-F20A impressively demonstrates that these two wishes are difficult to combine. To cut a long story short, she’s chunky.

It stands out unpleasantly due to its enormous thickness. It is by no means simple. Nevertheless, on closer inspection, one notices that the developers have tried not to completely disregard design aspects. However, they were in no way at the forefront of the development of this model.

The watch is kept in indigo blue and has an almost elegant colouring. It is significant that there is room for three giant buttons on the outside of the watch. People with narrow wrists should never wear this watch – it would probably protrude beyond the wrist and seem sensationally out of place.

On the positive side, the watch is well crafted. It is very robust and definitely suitable for outdoor use. Surprising is the fact that the watch, although it seems monstrous, is very light. She weighs only 92 grams. Between appearance and weight, therefore, a big discrepancy prevails, that leads to astonishment with the first putting on of the clock.

All in all, it can be said that the Casio watch is solidly manufactured and robust, but will probably not win a beauty award with today’s beauty ideals for watches. Those who set clear priorities in favour of practicality could be well served with it.

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Casio wsd-f20 a-buaae LCD GPS Sat schwarz, blau (Smartwatch Smartwatch – (LCD, Touchscreen, WiFi, GPS (Mond), 90 g, Schwarz, Blau) price comparison

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