CES 2020: Moen presents Smart Tap

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas Moen presents a smart tap. The device should not only be operated by voice control, but should also be able to measure and dispense desired amounts of water, thus eliminating unnecessary water consumption.

However, the smart tap is not equipped with microphones, so a smart loudspeaker or a smart display coupled to it is needed to operate it. The amount of water can then also be set by voice command – for example, it should be possible to dispense exactly one tablespoon of water or exactly 30 millilitres. This is not possible with conventional operation of the tap, which often leads to unintentionally excessive water consumption.

Those who do not want to use the voice control still have the opportunity to benefit from the new tap from Moen. It is also equipped with a sensor which enables contactless and therefore particularly hygienic operation. The desired water quantities can also be set via app.

The tap also has a small LED element that can be illuminated in different colours. The displayed colour provides information about the temperature of the water. If the element lights up blue, the water is cold. The stronger the colour reaches into violet, the warmer the water is. If it glows red, the water is hot. The colour control is intended to prevent unpleasant incidents – such as unintentional near-burning of the hands.

So far, the manufacturer has not provided any information on availability and price.

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