CES 2020: New notebooks from Gigabyte

At the CES in Las Vegas, laptop manufacturer Gigabyte presented notebooks with a mechanical keyboard for the first time. This should guarantee gamers and creative people the best possible handling of their notebook. At first glance, Gigabyte more than lives up to its promise. The innovation portfolio looks no less than promising. On the one hand, there are the AERO laptops, which are designed to meet the special requirements of creative professionals. On the other hand, with the AORUS series, Gigabyte offers the right devices for demanding gamers.

AORUS 17: A world first

The AORUS 17 should be especially exciting for players. This is the world’s first laptop with a mechanical keyboard based on OMRON switches. The OMRON switches are supposed to provide a precise trigger feedback. In addition, the even keyboard illumination allows a continuous overview of the player – even in dark environments.

Slim mechanical keyboard

At CES, visitors were also given the opportunity to take a closer look at a future Gigabyte keyboard. This development concept also relies on OMRON technology. In contrast to the keyboard in the AORUS 17, the development concept for the separate mechanical keyboard is extremely slim. Based on the development concept, Gigabyte plans to continue to rely on mechanical keyboards in the AORUS series in the future.

Future AORUS series notebooks should be equipped with even more pregnant mechanical keyboards.

The advantages of the mechanical keyboard

The Marketing and Sales Director of Gigabyte (Steven Chen) commented in detail on the plans of the notebook manufacturer. For example, Gigabyte wants to continue to rely on mechanical keyboards in the future. The reason for this are the numerous advantages. Steven Chen is convinced that the eSport sector is now unthinkable without mechanical keyboards. Their OMRON technology is supposed to provide a fast springback and a short release path. So they get everything out of the principle of the mechanical keyboard. The fact that gamers can now enjoy the benefits of a mechanical keyboard on the go is extremely practical. The goal is to ensure the best possible gaming experience – everywhere.

AORUS 17: Strong hardware

Besides the mechanical keyboard, the gaming notebook should be able to offer other advantages. For example, the AORUS 17 offers an overclockable eight-core processor. This comes from Intel and offers an NVIDIA RTX graphics chip. Gamers should be able to enjoy even hardware-hungry games in high graphics settings. In addition to a great image rendering of the display, the notebook’s sound should also be good. Shooters in particular will benefit from the refresh rate of 240 Hertz.

AERO series

With the AERO series, Gigabyte has always combined two worlds – multimedia and creative work. They seem to remain true to this self-imposed credo in their two new models. The AERO series has won over many fans, especially when it comes to the display. With the AERO 15 from 2017, Gigabyte brought a notebook with a virtually borderless display onto the market. The focus for the coming notebooks is clearly on the display.

The AERO 15 OLED and the AERO 17 HDR are designed to offer impressive colours and contrasts. A revolutionary screen calibration enables the display of true-to-life colors. This makes them the ideal notebook for the content creation sector. In order to be sufficiently performant in applications such as image editing or video editing, the two notebooks should also offer the corresponding hardware power. A battery with 94 watt-hours of power ensures that the notebooks have enough stamina.

The two upcoming notebooks of the AERO series are the all-rounders of Gigabyte.

Gaming is also possible

Those who play a game occasionally do not necessarily have to resort to the AORUS series. Here too, the AERO series should be able to master even challenging games with flying colours. During the presentation at the CES the AERO 15 OLED could score with 240 Hertz and the AERO 17 HDR with 144 Hertz. According to the hardware components, even challenging AAA titles should not be a problem for the two laptops. Thus the two AERO notebooks turn out to be solid all-rounders.

High-quality keyboard

Although the two AERO notebooks are all-rounders, the focus is on the area of content creation. Accordingly, Gigabyte has also given these notebooks a powerful keyboard. The full-fledged keyboard not only offers configurable key illumination for each individual key, but should also be able to offer a great typing experience.

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