CES 2020: Withings shows Scanwatch with ECG and Sp02 sensor

At the last CES, the company Withings presented the Move ECG Smartwatch. This year they are sticking to the idea again. They are taking up the ECG concept again at this year’s CES 2020, but this time they are packing it into a hybrid Smartwatch. This now also has a small display and is intended to contribute to the early detection of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea.

The so-called ScanWatch combines the design of the Steel-HR series and the ECG function of the Move ECG. The feature is even quite advanced. For example, the manufacturer states that the user can have a 1-channel ECG recorded via three electrodes if required. To do this, the wearer must press the button on the side and touch both sides of the watch case.

Withings ScanWatch can also register sleep apnea. This works by detecting oxygen saturation (Sp02), whereby light waves are sent through blood vessels to detect phases of sleep apnea. The hybrid Watch is already quite well equipped with this. However, it does not have an integrated GPS sensor, so the watch uses the signal from the paired smartphone.

Two versions, two prices

The device carries the genes of the previous Steel-HR series, but does not take them over completely. So Withings also adapts the design of the ScanWatch. The previously used, lateral menu button gives way to an elegant crown with which it is possible to scroll through the menu. There is a small PMOLED display that is located at 12 o’clock on the dial and this now turns out to be bigger than in previous Withings watches. However, the case is still made of 316L stainless steel and the manufacturer speaks of water resistance, but doesn’t go into any further detail.

Withings makes the hybrid Smartwatch appear in two versions. They differ again on the outside. The 38 mm version offers a simple dial with hour indices only. The 42 mm version additionally features a scale ring and minute indices. Similar to the Steel-HR predecessors, the battery life is said to be 30 days.

Soon the new ScanWatch from Withings will be available. It is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2020 and is currently undergoing CE and FDA review, the latter for approval as a medical device. The smaller 38 mm version costs around 250 euros. For the 42-mm watch, an additional 50 euros are charged.

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