CES 2021: LG presents feather-light laptop series with “Gram

LG had a big surprise in store in the run-up to this year’s CES. The South Korean company presented five feather-light devices in the Gram 2021 series. The notebooks come in 14, 16 and 17 inch sizes. On top of that, two convertibles are to come, which are to offer a screen diagonal of 14 and 16 inches – at least in the US.

Virtual showroom soon available

In a few days, everyone will be able to take a look at the new devices from LG. Thus, starting January 11 at a virtual showroom, one should get the opportunity to see the promising LG Gram series. However, many technology enthusiasts might have already taken a look at the notebooks in advance. After all, the showroom is not really a world premiere. LG’s lightweights were already shown in December as part of a kind of preliminary presentation in South Korea. Accordingly, we already know the specs of the devices. Now, the release of the LG Gram 2021 series is also the talk of the town at this year’s CES 2021 in the context of an official press release. This is not without reason. After all, there are to be a total of five models.

Three notebooks and two convertibles

LG not only has exciting, but also diverse irons in the fire here. After all, the LG Gram 2021 series isn’t just one notebook coming to the market. Instead, it is supposed to be three notebooks a 14, 16 and 17 inches as well as two convertibles a 14 and 16 inches. However, LG does not call the second device group convertibles, but “2 in 1” as usual. Like the notebooks, the convertibles will also have a 16:10 format. A Wacom AES 2.0 compatible pen is supposed to be on board. A closer look at the display specs does not reveal any differences between the notebooks and convertibles. Conveniently, however, they offer a bit more protection when it comes to the display. LG relies on the resistant Gorilla Glass 6 in particular.

The convertibles are heavier

If you take a look at the weight of the devices, you will notice that the convertibles are heavier than the notebooks. The 14 inch convertible weighs 1,250 grams. The larger 16-inch model weighs 1,480 grams. Although they are heavier than the notebooks of the Gram series, their weight is still very low compared to the competition. However, the weight is not the only difference to the notebooks of the Gram series. LG has also dropped the white version of the convertible and replaced it with a green one. In addition to that, there is supposed to be a silver and black version.

Convertibles will probably only be available in the USA

The convertibles also bring another important difference to the notebooks. They are supposed to do without an HDMI port and a second USB-A port. LG probably relies on an included adapter to avoid connection problems. However, we do not have to worry too much about the details of the convertibles in this country. According to LG, they will only be launched in the US.

Prices and availability

The notebooks are supposed to be potent devices. They are supposed to start with 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB NVMe SSD in the basic configuration. However, these are still rumors. The upcoming showroom should confirm or deny them. When and at what price the new LG Gram series notebooks will be launched is still unknown. However, we know that we will be able to buy the devices in black and silver when they are released.

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