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Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA Review

Corsair added another case to its Carbide series earlier this year. The SPEC-OMEGA is the successor of the SPEC-ALPHA, as you can easily see from the design. For about 25 Euro surcharge there are some new features, whether the case with the eye-catching front is suitable for 100 Euro something, you can read in our test.


The most conspicuous feature of the SPEC models is the front. The separation of black and white is freshened up by an LED stiffener. This structure also extends over the lid and is a real eye-catcher. Corsair collects points directly for fans of such designs. In the right, black part of the front is also the I/O panel, which is super fitted.

Probably the biggest difference to the SPEC-ALPHA is the glass side panel. It provides a larger view into the case than its predecessor. Plastic was also used there. The four screws can be easily removed with a hexagonal wrench – provided you have the appropriate hexagonal wrench at hand.

The size of the lid has also developed positively. Just like the front, it’s easy to remove. Due to the greater distance to the actual case, fans can now also be installed on top of the case.

In general, the SPEC-Omega provides a visually very appealing sight. The front and the lid have a striking design and the LED strip sets beautiful accents. The large glass side makes it even more visible, as the inside is also illuminated. Behind the panel hides a LED fan. Customizable LEDs would have been a bit better with the black/white design. Corsair has recently announced the SPEC-OMEGA RGB, what a coincidence!

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