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Corsair Glaive RGB: Gaming Mouse Reviewed

Design and Workmanship: Convertible and Pretty to Look at

The relatively curved shape of the comparatively large mouse, which definitely makes it an eye-catcher, is probably due to the ergonomic features discussed in the next section.

For example, the Glaive RGB offers interchangeable thumb pieces that are attached to the left edge – there is an omission accordingly. This choice makes the mouse adaptable both in terms of design and ergonomics. The thumb pieces can be attached with the help of a magnet – the workmanship is flawless here.

Also of interest is the RGB lighting divided into three zones, which is definitely a highlight of the gaming mouse design. In addition to the manufacturer’s logo, a strip above the thumb button and an area on the front of the mouse are illuminated. In addition, there is also an illuminated display of the selected DPI level.

Optically, the Glaive RGB is in any case absolutely high-quality. It stands out pleasantly from other gaming mice and convinces with its overall solid design in black as well as the RGB lighting.

Also with regard to the workmanship, real points of criticism can hardly be found. As already mentioned, the magnetic mechanism of the thumb pieces is very well processed. The other central parts of the mouse also work flawlessly and look high-quality – everything sits firmly, nothing rattles or gives the impression of being cheaply manufactured in any other way.

The thumb keys offer a relatively large resistance, but are perfectly crafted. The mouse wheel can be used in two directions and unfortunately doesn’t offer any adjustment possibilities – but otherwise also no attack surface.

The mouse has four mouse feet on its underside – one is added when the large thumb piece is attached – and can therefore be moved easily over the mouse pad.

All in all, the device is very well manufactured and also convinces with regard to its design.

Ergonomics: The Striking Argument

The body of the mouse, which was already superficially examined in the previous section, is not only characterised by its wonderful appearance, but also – and above all – by the pleasant feeling it conveys. So it lies very well in the hand and can be moved easily in our test. The body is also comparatively large – at the same time all keys are easily accessible. Only people with relatively small hands should test whether they are able to operate the mouse before buying it. However, average users should not face problems, but rather benefit from the design of the mouse.

Corsair Glaive RGB
Corsair Glaive RGB

In addition, the thumb pieces already mentioned at the beginning are of central importance for the ergonomics of the gaming mouse. One of the thumb pieces is flat and does not need any rubber coating. Another is rubberized and slightly curved. The largest thumb piece is also rubberized and has an additional storage area for the thumb – due to this area it is quite wide. By selecting a thumb piece, the mouse can be adapted to personal wishes, which is a clear advantage from an ergonomic point of view.

Even without the cable and thumb piece, the mouse weighs 122 grams and is comparatively heavy. If a thumb piece is added, it weighs even more – but it doesn’t look clunky in the test.

Overall, the ergonomic properties are very positive. By selecting a thumb piece, the user can influence the structure and weight of the mouse. In addition, Corsair also seemed to attach great importance to the mouse being easy to hold and move when designing the mouse. Ergonomics is therefore actually a good sales argument for the Glaive RGB.

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