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Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Review: Wireless Keyboard with Rubberdomes

Corsair‘s newly introduced K57 RGB Wireless is not only one of the company’s few wireless keyboards, but also one of the models that relies on rubber dome switches instead of mechanical buttons. The K57 is also the first keyboard to use the Capellix LEDs announced at CES.

These should be particularly small, but in comparison to normal LEDs – despite their smaller area – they should shine similarly brightly and also work more efficiently. The latter is particularly important for a wireless keyboard: Corsair promises an operating time of eight hours at maximum brightness. At the start of sales a price of about 100 Euro is targeted, currently the keyboard is available for € 96.99 Euro. The following test will show how the model performs in practice and whether Corsair can keep its promises.

Design and Workmanship

The K57 RGB Wireless comes in a cardboard box with Corsair’s signature design. The accessories consist of a manual and warranty instructions, a USB cable without sheathing and an optional 6.5 cm deep wrist-rest.

In contrast to the Corsair K63 Wireless with mechanical buttons, the K57 RGB Wireless has a number pad. In addition to the familiar multimedia and three function keys, there is an additional row of macro keys located on the left side.

These also rely on rubber dome switches and are also illuminated by RGB LEDs. Instead of the cheaper backlighting often used for rubber domes, Corsair relies on the lighting approach of mechanical keyboards: Each key of the K57 RGB Wireless has its own LED. This results in a very uniform light image, only under the space bar a darkening can be seen.

While the majority of the keyboard is made of matt black plastic, the housing above the F series has a glossy black surface. On this surface are the manufacturer logo, the function keys and three of the multimedia keys as well as the status LEDs. Apart from this, the K57 RGB Wireless is largely unspectacular: single-stage folding feet, a simple plastic housing and a micro-USB connector on the back. In addition, there is also a holder for the included transmitter and a switch with which the keyboard can be switched on.

All in all, the workmanship of the K57 is decent, but nothing special. The case is robust, but could be a bit more stable. Moreover, some edges aren’t completely rounded. On the other hand, the material of the keycaps, which offers a pleasant feel, is well implemented. However, the use of high-gloss elements should not only find friends, as there are hardly any surfaces whose appearance is so quickly affected by dust, fingerprints and scratches. In addition, we would have liked the palm rest on the underside to be closed – instead you can see the inner structure.

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