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Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Review: Wireless Keyboard with Rubberdomes

Keys and Features

As mentioned at the beginning, the K57 RGB Wireless is one of Corsair‘s few keyboards that doesn’t rely on mechanical buttons, but on rubber domes. According to Corsair, these should have a tactile printing behavior and withstand 20 million operations.

In addition, the company promises an 8-key rollover. Unfortunately, this is not always functional: several keys can always be pressed, but not eight in every combination. This should not lead to problems in normal use, but compared to other keyboards, which usually offer an N-key rollover, it is still a shortcoming.

The rubber domes used by Corsair are also positive. Of course, the implementation can’t be compared to the very defined writing feel of most mechanical keyboards, but the built-in buttons are quite pleasant – the company has made an effort here. Hardcore fans of mechanical keyboards will probably not be happy here, but in principle a change is possible very quickly and the K57 RGB Wireless is not significantly inferior to a mechanical keyboard in terms of writing feel.

This is also due to the aforementioned tactility, as this is less spongy than with many cheap rubber domes. With the K57 RGB Wireless, longer texts can be written without any problems and without being disturbed by the typing sensation. It should be kept in mind that the requirements here are individually different.

One advantage of the built-in keys, however, is clear: as usual, the built-in rubber domes are significantly quieter than mechanical buttons, making the keyboard well suited for frequent typists who don’t want to bother their fellow human beings with their keyboard. In this respect, the K57 does justice to the claim of being a “living room keyboard”. Thanks to the complete layout and the additional keys on the left and top, the K57 RGB Wireless is anything but small. Without the palm rest, it measures 48 x 16.5 x 3.4 cm and weighs 937 grams.


The iCUE software used by Corsair is used as the control program. However, controlling the keyboard is not as easy as usual, as there are some special features. Only if the keyboard is connected by cable, it offers the full range of functions.

In wireless mode, there are still many lighting effects to choose from, but there are no options for creating your own effects or synchronizing with other RGB products. Moreover, Corsair apparently only gave the keyboard a small memory, as it can only remember the six macro keys (up to 50 characters) in combination with the lighting effect set on the device. But if you set something in the software, it only works if it runs in the background.

If this is the case, Corsair’s iCUE also delivers the familiar image on the K57 RGB Wireless: The program offers numerous lighting effects that can be adjusted in detail in cable mode. In addition, all keys can be reassigned and macros with virtually unlimited length restrictions can be recorded. This means that the keyboard is usually above average on the software side.

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