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Corsair K68 RGB Review: Gaming Keyboard with Splash Protection!


With the K68 RGB, Corsair offers a very well processed keyboard. I couldn’t find any quality defects. All gap dimensions are perfect, as are the edges of the plastic housing. The keycaps also make a high-quality impression and can be easily detached from the switches without using much force.

The Corsair K68 RGB is IP32 certified to protect the keyboard from splash water and dust. The MX-Red switches are enclosed in silicone for this purpose. Of course, the silicone only protects dripping water falling sideways with a 15 degree deviation from the vertical and from small foreign bodies of over 2.5 mm in diameter. Nothing helps against fine dust and lateral water splashes. So better not pour the next beer over the keyboard. There are openings for the drainage of too much liquid.

The protection against splash water and small foreign bodies may appeal to some gamers. What about the typing comfort? Will the Cherry MX Red lose their property due to the silicone socket around the switches? No change can be felt at the stop itself. The keys still have their usual easy shifting path and tactile feedback. Only the noises of the mechanical keys are dampened a little. Connoisseurs will probably consider the MX Red to be MX Red Silent.

A wrist-rest is included in the scope of delivery. If you set up the K68 RGB, the keys are very high and after longer gaming sessions my wrist hurts. The shelf provides a remedy, so that the hands and wrists lie at a slight angle on the keyboard. A big bonus for the Corsair K68 RGB.

Corsair K68 RGB
Corsair K68 RGB Large wrist-rest


As with almost every Corsair product, the keyboard can be customized using the Corsair Utility Engine, or CUE for short. Three different menu items are available to you. In the first point Actions Corsair gives you the possibility to assign certain functions to a key. Of course the macros must not be missing. But you can also change the key assignment completely or set a prefabricated timer for the pizza in the oven.

CUE: Actions
CUE: Actions

Under Lighting effects you can change the lighting for each individual key. The premade effects can only be adjusted for the whole keyboard. A cool feature is the preview function, so you can see in the software how the effect works on the keyboard.

CUE: Lighting effects
CUE: Lighting effects

The last point Options gives you the possibility to disable functions like ALT+TAB or the Windows key. For the latter there is a dedicated key on the keyboard for which you can also set the color.

CUE: Options
CUE: Options
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