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Corsair Nightsword RGB – Gaming Mouse with Special Weight System

This June, Corsair launched Nightsword RGB, a new mouse designed to complement the company’s high-end segment. The mouse offers a typical equipment package with a high-quality sensor, several additional keys and RGB lighting, but the device should stand out due to something else. Corsair is advertising with a “center of gravity recognition system” that is supposed to recognize the optional weights built into the mouse.

Whether this special feature has advantages and how the currently € 79.90* expensive mouse performs in practice, we see in the following test.

Scope of Delivery

The Nightsword RGB comes in a typical Corsair package: black cardboard with yellow accents. It contains the usual warranty instructions, a manual and a small plastic case with six weights. Three of them weigh 2.8 grams, the other three 4.5 grams.

Design and Workmanship

The mouse relies on a clear right-handed design. On the left side there are three thumb buttons and also a shelf for this. In addition, there are two additional buttons next to the left mouse button and two behind the mouse wheel – the Nightsword RGB has a total of seven additional buttons.

The right side of the mouse is also adapted for right-handed users: There is a narrow contact area for the ring finger, but the little finger does not have a predefined position, but is simply attached to the case.

Corsair uses several different surfaces for the Nightsword. The two main keys are made of normal matt black plastic. The back of the mouse and the pads for the thumb and the little finger are made of structured rubber. The case itself and the area behind the mouse wheel are made of black high-gloss plastic with the usual advantages and disadvantages: Great looks when it’s clean, but also a high susceptibility to fingerprints and scratches.

There’s a small innovation in the lighting: in addition to the logo on the back of the mouse and the mouse wheel, there are two further lighting zones at the rear and front end of the mouse. These are again divided with struts and provided with a black honeycomb pattern. The latter is only a small change, but it provides a special and in our eyes very appealing optics of the illuminated areas.

The underside of the mouse indicates the great peculiarity of the device: Around the sensor there is a hexagonal cover under which the weight magazines are located. This can simply be removed, then the six possible mounts come to light. The weights can be freely inserted into these as desired.

We have to chalk up a small defect, which our test sample shows: At the back of the mouse, at the edge to the underside, a small part of our model is scratched. This should not be a problem of the production itself, but rather a damage afterwards. Apart from that, the mouse is excellently processed, so one can assume an individual case. In case of doubt, one should nevertheless take a close look at the mouse after the purchase.

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