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Cougar Panzer – Military-style Midi-Tower Review

System Construction in Cougar Panzer

To give you an idea of how building a gaming PC in Cougar Panzer can look like, we grabbed the Midi Tower and the four LED fans and started building a system. The hardware was previously installed in a poorly ventilated tower, which had already been 14 years old and no longer met today’s requirements.

First the front fairing and the cover were removed from the chassis so that we could mount the four 140 mm fans. We mounted two of the good fans (18.0 dB(A) at 1,000 rpm; airflow: 124.4 m³/h) in the front (intake) and two in the cover (outtake). This significantly strengthened the good passive airflow. We could hide the fan cables behind the fairing next to the mainboard.

Next we installed an SSD and the (unfortunately non-modular) power supply before screwing the mainboard and CPU cooler together. Depending on the mainboard and positioning of the power connections, the cables can be placed directly behind the fairing next to the mainboard. Alternatively, there are also cable bushings on the mains cable cover. After the two HDDs had been placed and connected, a large part of the cables could be hidden.

After the installation of the graphics card all cables were checked again and then the system could be started! The graphics card now lies directly in the airflow of the two fans in the front (which have a slight blue cast, especially due to the tinted side panel) and is no longer prevented from “breathing” by the drive cages.

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