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Crucial P1: Affordable NVMe SSD Reviewed

With the P1 Crucial presented its first M.2-NVMe-SSD not too long ago. Previously, the manufacturer had only launched M.2 Sata SSDs on the market. The P1 is therefore a real innovation, which already justifies a closer look. Another reason for testing this hardware component is that there is hardly another way to achieve such a significant increase in performance with so little effort as by installing a modern SSD. Accordingly, the test of the Crucial P1 is of increased interest for two reasons. The following test report tells you how it has performed in practice and whether we can recommend it.

Scope of Delivery

The SSD comes in a small, almost inconspicuous box, which suggests that it takes up very little space. Contrary to the general practice of the industry, there is no image of the device contained on the packaging, which significantly increases the tension on the contents.

If the carton is opened, it is noticeable that it has turned out a good deal too large. The SSD is integrated in protective plastic. The plastic part, which serves as a holder and protection for the P1, is almost three times the size of the P1 itself. Unfortunately, the package insert only refers to two pages of the website. One of the links that was used for the first steps, unfortunately, was not functional.

Tip: Answers to installation questions can usually be found in the manual for the installed mainboard.

Technical Data

Crucial promises a lifetime of up to 1.8 million hours or up to 400 TB of written bytes. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for five years.

The indicated read and write values are clearly above those of average SSDs. However, they do not come close to those of the top NVMe SSDs. They are at 2,000 MB per second reading and 1,750 MB per second writing. The controller is a model from Micron, which is equipped with multi-level cells.

We tested the 500GB version, which is a little slower.

500 GB 1,000 GB 2,000 GB
Controller: Silicon Motion SM2263EN, 4 NAND-Channel
DRAM cache: 512 MB DDR3 1.024 MB DDR3 2.048 MB DDR4
Memory chips: Micron QLC (3D, 64 layers) NAND
Form factor: M.2 (80 mm)
Interface: PCIe 3.0 x4
seq. Read: 1,900 MB/s 2.000 MB/s 2.000 MB/s
seq. write: 950 MB/s 1,700 MB/s 1,750 MB/s
4K Random Read: 90.000 IOPS 170,000 IOPS 250,000 IOPS
4K Random Write: 220,000 IOPS 240,000 IOPS 250,000 IOPS
Power consumption Activity (typ.): 0.1 W
Power consumption Activity (max.): 8,00 W
Offload power consumption: 80.0 mW
Power consumption DevSleep: no DevSleep
Power consumption L1.2: 2.0 mW
Functions: NVMe, NCQ, TRIM, SMART, Garbage Collection, Power-Loss Protection
Encryption: none
Total Bytes Written (TBW): 100 Terabyte 200 Terabyte 400 Terabyte
Guarantee: 5 years
Price: € 54.90 € 98.90 € 240.75
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Crucial P1 CT500P1SSD8 500GB Internes SSD (3D NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2) price comparison

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