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Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey – Preview of The Hunt For Jack the Ripper


Dance of Death is a point-and-click adventure. You take turns controlling one of the protagonists. You explore, investigate, talk to other characters and collect information. There are no difficult puzzles so far, Mary Kelly has to mix a certain tincture at one point, but this does not really cause headaches. In some situations you also have to switch between the protagonists, because the heroes have different abilities, for example Fey can talk to animals, Du Lac can not.

Fey can address Dachshund “Sausage”

You can find the current destination in the diary, where you can also view important information and items. You can move your selected hero with the mouse, which is unfortunately not always easy. In more spacious areas the movement and finding the way of the figures mostly worked, in narrower or nested rooms it is annoying to move the desired character to the desired place. However, since this is a pre-release version, it can be assumed that improvements will still be made here. If the character is close enough to an interesting object or person, it can interact. Objects can be examined, but not directly used or combined. They mainly serve to collect information. In dialogs, different options are occasionally available, and depending on what you say, the other parties react differently.

You can decide how you want to answer Lac

However, since some situations cannot be discussed out, even if you try Lac unsuccessfully with a demon, fierce arguments do not fail. In this case a marker will move back and forth on the display, if the marker is in the golden area, you have to click and hit it. You will have to repeat this several times and the victory will be yours. This may not be spectacular, but it is quite sufficient for a point-and-click adventure.

The Battle System
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