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We are in the middle of the energy transition. The importance of renewable energies is growing, and not just because of their ecological benefits. Not least the Ukraine war has shown us that supply dependencies always entail risks. This makes it all the more important to say goodbye to fossil fuels in the medium term and to rely on solar, wind and water energy. The current traffic light government calls these “freedom energies” for good reason. One company that has been emphasizing the use of renewable energies for years is BLUETTI. This is how the powerful battery systems of the company, founded in California in 2019, can be brought into line with a modern, environmentally friendly approach.

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BLUETTI makes use of solar energy with customized solar panels, for example. The company’s pioneering ideas are also what contributed to its participation in the “Intersolar Europe” exhibition. As a user of one of the giant rechargeable batteries, you can then provide a new battery charge even on campsites without a power outlet with running electricity. But BLUETTI’s energy solutions are not only ecological, but also extraordinarily practical. Thanks to their mobile design, you can count on your notebook, smartphone and tablet always being fully charged, even in the most remote places on earth. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the company is now launching attractive offers that you should definitely check out.

BLUETTI AC300+4*B300 Powerstation Combo

Thanks to its modular concept, the BLUETTI AC300+4*B300 Powerstation Combo is the optimal solution for all those who want to be flexible. Depending on your needs, you can connect up to four B300 battery modules here. With a capacity of 3,072 Wh per battery, this gives you up to 12,288 Wh. This sheer mass of energy is also what makes this set the optimal backup for your home power supply. BLUETTI promises that the basic needs of an average family can be covered here for days.


At the same time, you can take advantage of solar energy here to the maximum extent to prepare the combo for more days of emergency power supply. Thus, the set allows for the consumption of up to 2,400 watts when a suitable panel is connected – the competition can’t keep up here. As a result, one of the huge batteries should be fully charged after just under an hour and a half. That’s how ecological energy supply works! But of course, the batteries can also be recharged by plugging them into a common outlet. Between 1,800 and 3,000 watts are possible here.


If it must go once fast, one can fall back also to an effective combination charge. After all, BLUETTI offers the options here to get to an input rate of a proud 5,400 watts. How does this work? If necessary, you can connect both the power outlet and a solar panel to the power station. Then the AC300 charges the batteries inside it at breakneck speed. If you’re not looking for a mobile solution, but a home solution, you can also simply install the AC300 in the home power grid. Then you’re immune to annoying power outages.


Last but not least, the AC300 scores with a straightforward setup. After you have turned it on, you can start right away. A suitable app also comes into play here. Currently, you can get the BLUETTI AC300+4*B300 Powerstation Combo for a really low price. The experts for powerstations give a proud 1,000 euro discount on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In view of four years of extended warranty, this is definitely an attractive offer in times of uncertain energy supply.

BLUETTI EP500 – 2000W | 5100Wh

What may look like a futuristic rolling suitcase is arguably the most practical mobile power station available. BLUETTI equips its EP500 with a gigantic 5,100 Wh LiFePO4 battery. Thanks to the built-in sine wave inverter, this battery is charged at up to 2,000 watts at breakneck speed. This means you are equipped for pretty much all areas of use. No matter if it’s a home emergency power supply, a camping trip or a party in the pampas. This power station gives you always and everywhere the power you need.


BLUETTI itself promises that the EP500’s energy reserves are so extensive that you should be able to cover the power needs of your entire house for a day or two. Thanks to numerous socket outlets, you can supply many of your devices with the power they need. From smartphones to e-cars, everything is conceivable here. Of course, with so much power, safety also plays a big role. To ensure that no incidents occur, BLUETTI relies on a modern battery management system, which should not only ensure maximum durability, but also appropriate safety.


In times of uncertain energy supply, some may feel good about having a backup. Accordingly, you can also integrate the BLUETTI EP500 into your home power grid as an emergency generator. Should a power outage occur, this will step in without further ado to continue supplying the most important devices with power. It has nothing to do with the old-fashioned, smelly and noisy diesel generators of days gone by.


Those who value ecological power can use the MPPT solar input of the EP500. Via this, the power station can be charged with up to 2,400 watts. Alternatively, the power station can also be operated permanently with solar power to supply connected devices with electricity without having to tap into the on-board battery. You can also get the BLUETTI EP500 in the Mother’s Day sale on the manufacturer’s website. Here you save a proud 300.00 euros.

BLUETTI EB150 Portable Solar Generator + 2* 200W Solar Modules

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck (Greens), aptly stated a few weeks ago that renewable energies such as wind and solar are the only things that belong to no one. If you want to be self-sufficient in your own energy supply, BLUETTI’s mobile solution may be just what you need. With the help of this energy solution you can always and everywhere supply electrical appliances with the necessary power.


The practical case scores not only with a mobile design. Despite its compact dimensions, it offers an amazingly high battery capacity of 1,500 Wh. As is often the case with BLUETTI products, this one also scores with a maximum of flexibility. After all, you can use the portable solar generator not only as an emergency power supply within your own four walls. On top of that, it can be used as a mobile power supply outdoors.


Whether it’s a smartphone or a TV, the BLUETTI EB150 can be used to power many electrical devices up to a rated power of less than 1,000W. This means that you can reliably supply the most important devices in your home with the necessary power in the event of a power outage. Even if the solar generator can be used without any problems within your own four walls, its appearance already makes clear that its hobbyhorse is the use on the road. Especially when camping or working in the garden, the energy solution is extremely practical.


Since BLUETTI includes two solar modules with 200 W power in this set, you can get started right away. According to the manufacturer, a full battery charge should take just four hours if you connect two panels in series and connect the EB150 to them. If you still want to use conventional sockets, this is also possible. However, a full charge at a household outlet takes considerably longer with a total of eight hours. You don’t want to do without electricity on your next trip outdoors? Then the BLUETTI EB150 is just the right solution. You can get the cool solar generator in combination with two matching solar panels for 200.00 euros less at the Mother’s Day offers.

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