Deal: Buy Oclean X10 and get 2 Oclean brush heads in pink for free

We have already presented the electric toothbrushes from Oclean several times. Most recently, the current top model Oclean X Pro was available at a bargain price on Amazon. Now there is a new deal directly from the manufacturer. When you buy the Oclean X10, you get two Oclean brush heads in the color pink for free, and the brush heads themselves are also discounted by another 20 percent.

What can the Oclean X10?

The special feature of the Oclean X10 electric toothbrush? It has an emoji display that, along with a star rating, tells you about the quality of your toothbrushing process. If you’ve brushed in a way that would make your dentist happy, the X10 will show you that through the rating and a friendly smiley face – which is, of course, perfect for kids.

But don’t worry, that’s not all the toothbrush has up its sleeve. Thanks to the built-in magnetic levitation motor, the brush rotates at 40,000 revolutions per minute, which ensures outstanding tooth cleaning. You can choose from five operating modes, each with five intensities.

Oclean X10
5 modes with 5 intensity levels each: The Oclean X10 leaves nothing to be desired. (Image: Oclean)

Whether intensive cleaning, tooth massage or polish or a particularly careful “Sensitive” cleaning: The Oclean X10 masters all modes and even works very quietly with a volume of 45 dB. Thanks to a 2-minute timer, you’ll always know when you’ve reached the ideal toothbrushing time, while a pressure sensor alerts you if you’re pressing too hard.

60 days of runtime, award-winning brushes

The X10 is also IPX7 waterproof and conveniently fits on a magnetic wall mount. Thanks to the generous battery, you’ll only need to recharge the toothbrush about every two months (60 days), with a full charge via USB Type-C taking around 3.5 hours.

Another special feature: the award-winning Dupont diamond bristle heads reach hard-to-reach places with ease, providing a 115 percent better cleaning experience you can actually feel compared to regular brush heads. And there’s a dedicated tongue cleaner to boot.

The Oclean X10 is available in blue, gray and pink. Matching refill packs of replacement brush heads are also currently discounted in the pink color scheme.

Oclean X10 deal with free brush heads

If you buy the Oclean X10 directly from the manufacturer, the toothbrush comes in at an MSRP of $105.95. Here you currently get, no matter what color of brush you choose, two replacement brush heads in the color pink for free. In addition, you can use the coupon “OCLEAN10” to save 10 percent.

An 8-pack of replacement brush heads (Oclean Brush Head Refills P3 8-Pack) is currently on sale for $20.95, also at a 48 percent discount. However, you can also make additional savings here:.

If you add two 8-packs to your shopping cart, you can save another 20 percent with the discount code “20OFFA“, which you can enter when checking out. So you end up with only 33.52 euros for a whole 16 brush heads, with which you are supplied for a while.

Oclean Brush Head Refills P3 8-Pack
Image: Oclean

In combination with the Oclean X10 toothbrush and the two free brush heads, the total package then currently costs just 139.47 euros. But thanks to a total of 17 brush heads, you won’t have to worry about refills for a whole year.

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