Teufel offers deep discounts on many HiFi highlights

Summer is just around the corner! Teufel is obviously taking this as an opportunity to surprise you with attractive HiFi highlights. And the whole thing at real knockdown prices. The sound manufacturer from the capital has temporarily lowered the prices of some of its most popular products. We show you which bargains you can currently make.

Teufel Real Blue NC

Are you looking for a high-quality over-ear headphone that offers Bluetooth and, on top of that, also has active noise cancellation on board? Then the Teufel Real Blue NC is definitely worth a look. Thanks to the linear HD speaker, you not only get detailed highs and powerful bass. Thanks to noise cancelling, you can also listen to your favorite music or a podcast undisturbed on the bus, train or plane. If you ever want to put your surrounding sounds in the foreground, you simply use the transparency mode. With Bluetooth 5.0 and support for apt-X and AAC, the Real Blue NC is the perfect companion to your smartphone.

Teufel Real Blue NC (Image: Teufel)

Here you get the best sound even without a cable connection. And that for many hours. With active noise cancellation, the over-ear lasts a proud 41 hours. If you turn it off, it even lasts more than 55 hours. Thanks to the lightweight but sturdy construction and the soft, ventilated ear pads, you don’t have to worry about the necessary wearing comfort – even if you wear glasses. Teufel also includes a matching carrying case for practical transport. Instead of an MSRP of 229.99 euros, you currently pay only 149.99 euros in the promotion.

Teufel Real Blue

You care about an over-ear with a great sound, but you can safely do without active noise cancellation? Then the Teufel Real Blue might be the Bluetooth headphones for you. They offer the same HD sound as the Teufel Real Blue NC – but without ANC. The Real Blue is also just as comfortable as the Real Blue NC. Soft and well-ventilated ear pads ensure a pleasant wearing experience even on warm days.

Teufel Real Blue (Image: Teufel)

However, it’s not just the hi-fi features, wearing comfort and extensive connectivity that are reminiscent of its counterpart with active noise cancellation. The battery life is also far ahead of many competitors. According to Teufel, over 55 hours of music enjoyment should be possible here without any problems. In the set with a practical transport box and matching cable, the Teufel Real Blue normally costs 169.99 euros. Currently, however, you can secure the high-quality over-ear for just 129.99 euros.

Teufel Airy TWS

Over-ears are too big for you, but you still want to enjoy great, massive sound? Then you should take a look at the Teufel Airy TWS. These little true-wireless in-ears are real wolves in sheep’s clothing. Despite their compact design, which fits in every ear thanks to silicone attachments of different sizes, they offer really big sound. The linear HD neodymium drivers make sure of that. Thanks to the practical transport and charging case, the two small sound wonders also show real staying power. Up to 25 hours of music enjoyment are possible. A full charge provides six hours per in-ear.

Airy True Wireless (Image: Teufel)

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC, the two in-ears provide lossless sound quality, which is particularly inviting for music streaming from Spotify and Co. Other features will especially please friends of high user comfort. For example, the charging case offers automatic pairing when it is opened. Thanks to a total weight of just 49 grams, the headphones can easily be slipped into any pocket. Protection against splashing water according to IPX5 also invites you to wear them on your daily jog. In the Teufel promotion, you can currently get the Teufel Airy True Wireless instead of 149.99 euros for just 79.99 euros.

Teufel Real Blue TWS

True-wireless in-ears could hardly be more inconspicuous. Thanks to their button design, the Real Blue TWS skillfully hide in your ear and are barely noticeable by bystanders at first glance. As small as they may appear, the sound that the wireless headphones offer is just as great. Thanks to powerful linear HD drivers, there’s plenty for the ears. The whole thing is also possible in lossless quality via streaming from a smartphone or other source thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC. The Real Blue TWS are really practical in loud environments. If you don’t want to listen to the noise of airplane turbines or chattering passengers on trains, you can simply activate the active noise cancellation.

Teufel Real Blue TWS (Image: Teufel)

Alternatively, the transparency mode ensures that you can perceive ambient sounds even better. This is particularly practical for announcements at train stations or airports. With ANC, the in-ears last for more than 18 hours in combination with the charging case. The earbuds themselves offer a runtime of six hours (ANC) or eight hours (without ANC). Attachments in different sizes provide a lot of comfort and also make the Real Blue TWS interesting for athletes in combination with splash water protection (IPX3). Instead of 149.99 euros, you’re currently paying just 89.99 euros for the chic in-ears.

Teufel Musicstation

But not only headphones you can secure in the current action of Teufel. With the Musicstation, the hi-fi expert from Berlin also has a real all-rounder on offer. The all-rounder is not only capable of playing music from the usual streaming portals. On top of that, you can finally reactivate your dusty CD collection. And that is not only practical, but can definitely be heard. The CD Internet radio with extensive streaming features offers a total output of 100 watts. Thanks to the total of six speakers, which are based on the in-house Dynamore Ultra technology, there is real hi-fi enjoyment in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or wherever you want to position the sound highlight.

Teufel Musicstation (Image: Teufel)

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and AAC ensure that not only inserted CDs are played back in high quality. Wireless sources from Spotify and Co. also become a real treat for the ears. The flexible design of the all-rounder is also practical. The music station can be set up in three different positions. Standing, angled or hanging – the choice is yours. The chic color display, where you can set everything from radio stations to streaming services, rounds off the user comfort. The Musicstation’s RRP of 599.99 Euros is quite reasonable in view of the bulging features. Currently, you can even secure the chic and sound-strong all-rounder for only 449.99 Euros.

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