Yeedi Christmas Deals: Robot vacuum cleaner on sale at Amazon!

Still haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? Maybe you’re still looking for a little technology highlight that you can treat yourself to for the holidays. Yeedi might have the right bargain for you. Until December 31, 2022, you can secure some attractive discounts from the expert for smart household helpers. We present you the Christmas Deals in more detail.

Yeedi Vac Max

Among other things, the Yeedi Vac Max is also in the running. Thanks to a suction power of 3,000 Pascal and a total of four different suction levels, this is suitable for any level of dirt. Thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery, it is even well equipped for several cleaning tours at a stretch. Yeedi promises up to 200 minutes of runtime for this smart household helper. And if the battery should run out, that’s no problem either. The robot then automatically returns to its charging station and supplies itself with new energy. It then simply continues its tour with the freshly charged battery. Thanks to the clear Yeedi app, you benefit here from a high level of user convenience and many setting options.

Image: Yeedi

This not only makes it easy to start the vacuum robot on the go. On top of that, you can set detailed cleaning options. For this, the room map created by the vacuum itself is available to you. The Yeedi Vac Max is not only suitable for hard floors. It also provides good results on carpeted floors thanks to its carpet detection. If the robot detects a carpet surface, it increases the suction power significantly without further ado. Despite its low price, the Vac Max also offers a mopping function. This is especially useful on tiled floors, such as in the kitchen and bathroom. With Christmals Deals, you can secure the Yeedi Vac Max on Amazon for 239.99 euros instead of just under 350 euros.

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

We were able to confirm that the Yeedi Vac Hybrid is a solid vacuum robot at a top price in our test almost a year ago. It turned out that the robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for all those who do not want to spend too much money on a device. Even though this is not a flagship of the market segment, you still get a good cleaning performance. And the robot can not only vacuum. Yeedi also equips the low-budget model with a wiping function.

Bild: Yeedi

What’s more, the Vac Hybrid offers a real killer punch that even high-priced models can’t compete with. With dimensions of 350 mm x 350 mm x 77 mm, it comes in a wonderfully slim and, above all, flat design, which is why it fits perfectly even under flat furniture. On top of that comes a suction duration of up to 200 minutes and the proven app connection to the Yeedi app for iOS and Android. The purist in Yeedi’s lineup is available from Amazon during Christmas Deals for 189.99 euros instead of just under 300 euros.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

In the context of our test reports, we had already been able to put some devices from Yeedi under the microscope. So also the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro. And it was not without reason that it won the more coveted Gold Award in our test. After all, it is a real price-performance hit that convinces in many respects. On the one hand, there is the good suction power, which copes with almost every dust particle thanks to 3,000 Pascal Power. Thanks to the 5,200 mAh battery, the robot also lasts an impressive 240 minutes on the lowest setting.

The suction station makes the Vac 2 Pro even a little bit better.

Furthermore, it scored well in the test with an amazingly good mopping performance. This is anything but self-evident in the price range of the Vac 2 Pro. The positive impression of the vacuum robot is rounded off with features such as carpet detection, app control and compatibility with Yeedi’s suction station. If you add the latter, you only have to empty the collected dirt every few weeks. With Yeedi’s Christmas Deals, you can secure the very good vacuum robot for a cracker price of 322.71 euros instead of just under 500 euros.

Yeedi Mop Station

If the wiping function of a robot vacuum cleaner is at least as important as the suction function, you should take a look at the Yeedi Mop Station. This one made a great impression in our test. After all, the combination of vacuum mop robot and station does many things differently and, above all, better than the competition. This is especially true of the robot’s mopping unit. If you take a look at the underside, you will find two rotating mops. These can even wipe up stubborn dirt from the floor. This is not only because they are pressed onto the floor with a force of 10 Newtons and they rotate at breakneck speed.


On top of that, once the robot has cleaned a certain area, it returns to its station to clean the mops and moisten them with fresh water. This ensures hygienic cleaning, as the collected dirt is not spread on the floor. Topping it all off is a good suction power of 2,500 pascals, carpet detection to prevent fiber soaking, and convenient app support. The Gold Award we gave it shows that the bold overall package works. As part of the Christmas Deals, the mopping wonder is available for 499.99 euros instead of just under 650 euros.

Yeedi Vac 2

Last but not least, Yeedi is also discounting its popular Vac 2, which offers the perfect combination of dry and wet cleaning with its suction power of 3,000 pascals in combination with the intelligent wiping system. To ensure that not only the robot itself, but also your furniture, shoes and co. are spared, it offers 3D obstacle detection. The camera unit used for this is designed to avoid collisions.

Image: Yeedi

Of course, the Yeedi app is not to be missed, which not only enables detailed zone cleaning with practical room maps. On top of that, details such as suction level and water flow rate can be specified here. You can also get this model at a bargain price during Yeedi’s Christmas Deals. Instead of the normal price of just under 350 euros, you only pay 279.99 euros.

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