Dell introduces Optiplex 3090 and 7090

At this year’s CES, Dell presented two new all-in-one computers, among others. The two models Optiplex 3090 and Optiplex 7090 deviate from the standard because the essential hardware components are housed in the stand.

All-in-one computer with changeable monitor

The average all-in-one computer can hardly be customized in any respect. Since the hardware sits in the monitor, it cannot be changed, which many users perceive as a glaring shortcoming of this otherwise advantageous concept. Dell now presents a fundamental innovation with the two models Optiplex 3090 and Optiplex 7090: the PC hardware is located in the stand of the monitor, which makes the screen itself replaceable. Dell thus tries to combine the advantages of the space-saving all-in-one concept with the advantages of the classic computer, which are primarily in its customizability.

Modular design and compatibility

Dell relies on a modular design. The stand is offered in a variety of sizes and is purchased individually. Interested parties can choose from models in sizes between 24 and 40 inches. Since a VESA mount is used, the stand is furthermore not only compatible with Dell screens, but also with various models from other manufacturers.

The two models on offer, the Optiplex 3090 and Optiplex 7090, differ in terms of their hardware. While the Optiplex 3090 is offered with processors ranging from the Intel Celeron 6305 to the Core i5-1145G7, the Optiplex 7090 is also available with the Core i7-1185G7 processor. Both models are equipped with USB-A ports, DisplayPort 1.4, Ethernet and a headphone jack. However, Thunderbolt 4 is only used in the Optiplex 7090. Meanwhile, both models are powered via a USB-C port, which makes installation easier.

There is extensive freedom of choice in terms of the working memory: Interested users can choose between four and 64 GB of DDR4-3200 memory. The same applies for the internal memory, where again several configuration options are offered.

Prices and availability

In the US, both models will go on sale on January 8. Prices here start at $659 for the Optiplex 3090 and $769 for the Optiplex 7090 in the respective base configuration.

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