Dell Notebooks should soon be connectable with iPhones

Today, iPhones are so technically sophisticated that they could easily replace a desktop PC. This is prevented by the fact that almost all current applications are designed primarily for Windows and not for iOS. Dell now wants to make the two operating systems compatible – future Dell notebooks should then be able to be linked to iPhones.

The idea of such a connection of PC and smartphone is by no means new. Android devices, for example, have long been compatible with Dell notebooks. For the iPhone, however, such a connection possibility is new territory. Dell would like to significantly exceed the only possibility so far, which is to connect the device to an external screen: The iPhone should not only be connected to the screen, but to the entire system. This could then be used to move files between the two systems or to display incoming text messages on the Windows PC. For such a data transfer, however, an Apple app is required. So far, such possibilities are not supported.

To what extent Apple would benefit from such a connection possibility is not clear. However, the company should not be too interested in the extended possibilities, as it offers its own computers and sees Microsoft‘s Windows as a competitor. For users, on the other hand, the new function would offer quite a few new possibilities – even if it were only the simple moving of image and video files between iPhone and PC, which is still quite complex today.

According to information from Bloomberg, the upcoming Dell notebooks of the XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware series, which will each be equipped with Windows 10, should be compatible with both iPhones and iPads.

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