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Edifier S880DB Review: Stylish Bookshelf Speakers for the Modern Living Room

In the rarest of cases, the loudspeakers integrated into the PC monitor are considered sufficient for demanding tasks. Film and music lovers therefore regularly resort to external devices that are better able to meet their high sound requirements. Today, more and more sophisticated sound systems are taking over the task of sound reproduction – usually with great success and to the complete satisfaction of the user.

Such an external system is the “Edifier S880DB*“. Driven by a woofer with metal cone and a titanium woofer, the system consisting of two loudspeakers promises the best sound. Numerous connections and a modern design ensure that the bookshelf loudspeakers look very promising at first glance. We wanted to find out in our test whether it could meet the high expectations it arouses.

Technical Specifications

Art: 2.0 Stereo
Frequency range: 55 Hz – 20 KHz
Output power:
  • R/L (treble): 12W+12W
  • R/L (deep bass): 32W+32W
Loudspeaker units: Tweeter: 3/4 inch (19mm)
Midrange driver: 3.70 inch (94mm)
Inputs: USB, Optical, Coaxial, PC, Aux, Bluetooth
  • power cable (1,9m)
  • Loudspeaker connection cable (3.0m)
  • Coaxial (1.7m)
  • clinker (1.7m)
  • USB (1.7m)
  • Optical (1.5m)
Price: € 279.00*

Design and Workmanship

Optically the two loudspeakers are almost identical. Due to the white and wood-look elements, they are comparatively striking, but in any case they appear modern. On an ordinary office desk – or even on a shelf – they should not be unpleasantly noticeable.

The front, which is white in colour, is characterised by the exposed tweeters and woofers. Edifier deliberately lets the S880DB stand out openly and thus become the dominant element of the front. The contrast between the black of the exposed drivers and the white of the front fairing is pleasant and harmonious.

The side elements of the two loudspeakers, which have a bright wood look, complete the bright, modern design. They give the devices a high-quality appearance. In particular, the interplay of new and old design elements ensures the overall harmonious and subjectively appealing appearance of the devices. The materials used are all of high quality and well processed. For example, aluminium frames are used.

At the rear, the manufacturer attaches a small bass reflex port and all control elements of the system to the right speaker. The location of the control unit makes it easy to place the loudspeakers on shelves, but at the same time makes it difficult to reach the elements. Here Edifier could have provided a better solution.

We can’t find any further criticism of the workmanship or the design of the sound system in our test.

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