Eight-bay NAS – Synology DS1821+

Synology recently presented its new eight-bay NAS. The DS1821+ is an absolute powerhouse with high capacity.

Data Management with Synology

The new DS1821+ is made specifically for high-capacity, high-performance data management and storage. DS1821+ is already the second model from the Plus series and has a powerful AMD Ryzen quad-core processor on board. With the new processor, DS1821+ is faster and has shorter response times in many applications, such as Synology Moments and Drive. It brings twice the processing power of the previous version, which is more than enough power. With the existing support for two Synology SNV3400 NVMe SSD cache drives, the performance is increased by 20 times or more when accessed directly. If you want to further increase the network performance, you can also optionally install a PCIe 10GbE network card. This brings the DS1821+ to over 1149.89 MB/s in sequential writes and 2312.97 MB/s in sequential reads.

Easily expand!

The DS1821+ already has eight slots and can be expanded up to 18 slots. To do so, simply use two DX517 expansion units. To make the most of the storage capacities, Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) can be used in addition to JBOD/RAID0/1/5/6/10. This allows storage arrays with different sized drives to be created. It also allows older drives to continue to be used and eliminates the need to purchase new drives with the same capacity. Likewise, after the setup, the storage capacities can be expanded without any problems. Thus, a new drive can be added to the array without interrupting services or even requiring a lengthy manual setup. Also, RAID levels can be expanded from lower protection to higher. For example, from SHR-1 with 1-drive redundancy to SHR-2 with 2-drive redundancy.

Data Protection and Backup

For backup and recovery, Synology also has a lot to offer. In this regard, the solutions are available free of charge in the package center. Thanks to Active Backup Suite, the IT infrastructure is protected with a central backup of computers and servers. With Snapshot Replication, scheduled recovery points are created. This makes it possible, for example, to undo encryption caused by ransomware or unintentional changes. Data backup and recovery is thus ensured. In addition, there is also Synology Hyper Backup. It offers a scheduled backup of data. This can be done to a USB drive, another NAS server or cloud storage.

Availability and Price

The new DS1821+ is available now for just under 1000 euros.

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