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EPOS GSA 601C ear cushions in test: cool affair!

Listen up, today we’re talking about ear pads. Did you get the joke? Very well. Now let’s move on to our next review. This time, we’re taking a look at a product from EPOS. The Danish company is part of the Demant Group, which is also Danish and has a cooperative relationship with Sennheiser – although this mainly relates to EPOS products.

EPOS is known for its audio solutions in the high-end gaming sector. They also provide companies in the same high-end segment with perfected audio technology. Accordingly, you have to expect high prices if you want to help yourself to EPOS’ range of products. On the other hand, you can also expect plenty of quality. The brand’s gaming headsets are mostly characterized by a futuristic and trendy look – typical gaming.

In addition to the numerous ear pads that can be ordered in the EPOS online store, the manufacturer has now ventured a new development: ear pads with an integrated gel layer that is supposed to cool. To what extent they extend the comfort of the headsets and whether the cooling effect is noticeable, we have tested.

Technical data

For the following EPOS headsets GSP 600, 601, 602 and 670
Colors Black
Material (cover) Faux leather, suede-like material
Material (upholstery) Memory foam
Special feature With cooling gel layer
Price 24,90 Euro

High quality inside and out

“Epic” is Greek and describes an epic story or poetry. Epic is also the sound that the eponymous manufacturer delivers with its gaming headsets. EPOS also pays attention to details, which results in excellent ear cushions. Now the Danes have given these already good cushions a gel coating and call them GSA 601C, as an extension of the usual cushions.

As used on previous models, the 601C are also covered with two different surfaces. The inside, which rests on the ear, is covered with suede-like material and the outside is surrounded by smooth faux leather.

Filled with memory foam, the ear cushions, as usual, fit perfectly to any ear. The effect is supported by the shape of the EPOS GSA 601C, which are anatomically modeled after an ear. In this way, the pads can not only adapt well, but also transmits the sound better; without any loss, because gaps are created between the headset and the ear.

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EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 602 Gaming-Headset price comparison

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