eRacing Simulator: Razer presents concept

With the eRacing simulator, Razer could create a product that breaks new ground in the gaming sector: A gaming chair is integrated into an eSports ecosystem that is tailored to eRacing applications down to the last detail.

Razer is thus the third company after MWE Lab and Acer to present a kind of gaming throne. The concept of the ordinary gaming chair is taken up, but extended to the point where the chair is ultimately only part of a complete system. Razer’s system works without screens and instead uses beamers that project the image onto a curved screen located directly in front of the gaming chair. The field of view is 202 degrees – the person playing is thus extremely involved in the game.

The feeling of actually racing over the race track is enhanced by the simulation of G-forces, which is achieved via the belt system of the gaming chair. The belts exert a certain amount of pressure on the person sitting in the chair in accordance with certain gaming actions. The chair itself can be tilted in all directions thanks to two actuators, which helps to simulate authenticity (a contradiction in terms). The aim of the device is to exploit this contradiction as far as possible: the person playing should be put into a state that is as close as possible to the actual racetrack, knowing full well that they are in a simulated setting. As the description of the eRacing simulator shows, Razer pulls out almost all the stops technically available. This objective is not new – in principle almost every video game pursues it. However, the chosen means may lead to a significant shift in the degree to which the simulation can make you believe that it is not one compared to other video games. In other words: it could hardly be more naturalistic today.

The simulator, which is by no means ready for sale yet, was designed in cooperation with Vesaro, Simpit, Fanatec and Synthesis VR, among others. Razer is also looking for other companies that are interested in participating in the further development of the system. The declared goal is to bring the simulator to market readiness. When this goal will be realized cannot be said today.

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