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Fractal Design Era – the stylish Mini-ITX case under test

The exterior

Of course, appearance is also very important for a case. Whereas in the past everything was attributed to practicality, nowadays a PC setup simply has to look good. According to Fractal Design’s own statements, with Era ITX, special emphasis was placed on design and workmanship. Therefore we would like to take a look at the design of the Era ITX.

Differences to the Define series

When designing the Era ITX, the experts at Fractal Design did not take it easy. Instead of orienting themselves on their own products, they took a completely new path. The result is the Era ITX, which is clearly different from the popular Define series from Fractal Design. On one side are the angular corners of the Define products – on the other side are the elegant curves of the Era ITX. These rounded edges ensure a seamless transition from the sides to the front. The combination of the curved design and the narrow dimensions make for a case that is compact and by no means bulky.

The round edges provide a modern design.

Practical front

The front of the Era ITX is designed closed. Here the user finds practical connections of the case. In addition to the power button with matching LED, Fractal Design provides the front with a custom-made I/O panel. In addition to a jack plug, there are also two USB 3.0 ports. In addition, the front has a USB-C port (3.1 Gen 2).

Different lid inserts

While you have to decide on a case colour when buying the Era ITX, you can change the cover of the case at any time. Fractal Design includes two different cover inserts for this purpose. Besides the classic mesh look, glass or wood are also possible. So as soon as you get bored with the design, you can freshen it up by changing the lid. The inserts are held in place by a magnet. Nothing has to be screwed to them.

The lid of the Era ITX can be changed conveniently. Besides glass and mesh, you can also choose wood.

No glass side

While the lid with Era ITX can be beautified with glass, Fractal Design otherwise completely dispenses with optical glass features. Instead, the sides are adorned by two aluminium parts. These are characterized by many small air holes, which are arranged in the form of a strip. Due to the high number of air holes, the Mini-ITX case achieves effective air circulation.

The back

Fractal Design continues its curved shapes all the way to the back. Here the side parts merge gently into the back. The absence of additional mounting screws is extremely praiseworthy. This ensures that the Era ITX looks good even from behind. From a technical point of view, you can see the 80 mm fan on the back. This is the only pre-assembled fan in the case. Furthermore, Fractal Design has installed the connection for the power cable here. If you look closer, you can also see the space for the graphic card. This is simply mounted on the bottom.

Very stable

If you are afraid of the stability of the Era ITX, the four rubber feet at the bottom of the case will please you. These make sure that the case never slips at any time. In addition, it conveniently protects the standing surface on which the Era ITX is placed. Only the laterally arranged air slots open the otherwise closed bottom. The graphic card gets its necessary fresh air supply here. You can’t catch a glimpse into the interior through the case’s bottom. However, we will take a look into the Era ITX’s interior on the next page.

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