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Fractal Design Era – the stylish Mini-ITX case under test

The inner values

If you open a side panel of the Era ITX you can look inside the Mini ITX. The side flap itself can be attached and removed conveniently with push-to-lock pins. Recesses on the case make sure that you don’t break your fingernails. A light handle allows the side panel to be pushed away.

Our test system

To be able to check the practicability of the Era ITX, we have installed some components. For this we rely on the following hardware components:

Outside swank, inside rank

As soon as you take a look inside the Era ITX, you will be disappointed. After all, Fractal Design has designed it anything but beautiful. This also clarifies the question why the manufacturer did without a glass side. But in the interior of a Mini ITX, functionality is the most important thing. And here the case expert can more than score. Thus, the Era ITX offers space for a radiator and a large graphics card in addition to many brackets for power supplies and drives.

Due to the modular design, components that are not required can be removed or, for example, the radiator can be screwed outside the case. This makes it easier to assemble the components in tight spaces, but with a mini-ITX build, you should always be aware that it is more difficult to assemble the components in a tight space than in a large case.

We just got our powerful and relatively large components in. The graphics card in particular was a bit fiddly, but in the end everything fit. And even an i5-9600K and an RTX 2070 Super can be run in the battle dwarf without any problems. Due to the numerous air vents, there is no overheating of the components. Under Prime95 continuous load the CPU reaches a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius.

Cable tangle cannot be avoided

Once the components have been installed in the Era ITX, the picture is dominated by a large tangle of cables. Even the included cable ties can’t change that much. If you don’t like this, you should definitely use very short cables. With cables in standard length a chaotic interior is unfortunately almost unavoidable.

After installation of our test components we faced a big cable tangle.
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Fractal Design Era ITX Silver – White Oak – Mini-ITX Gehäuse – Small Form Factor – kompatibel mit Wasserkühlungen – USB Typ-C - Aluminium - Silber price comparison

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