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FRITZ!Box 7590 Review: All-Rounder with Mesh Function

AVM is a term for everyone who is looking for a router through his FRITZ! boxes. With the FRITZ!Box 7590 we have the current top model of the manufacturer in the DSL area in the test for you. We also test the mesh function integrated by FRITZ!OS 6.9.

The new router offers DSL and WLAN technologies that will be relevant in the future. For example, 300 MBit VDSL connections with supervision are already supported – a Telekom technology for more performance over the last mile (from the house to the distribution box). The latest WLAN technologies are also included. The range of functions includes not only the router itself, but also a range of different apps.

Setup and Assembly

To set up the 7590, connect the box to the power outlet and connect the DSL cable to your phone jack. You can either start the assistant via the browser using the preconfigured WLAN or you can connect your PC to the FRITZ! box via LAN. Via the link fritz.box you reach the web interface. The login data for the interface and the WLAN are on a package insert.

After logging in, the assistant for setting up the Internet connection starts immediately. The connection couldn’t be easier to set up. Either enter the provider’s installation code or dial the number shown on your phone. Once the Internet has been set up, it is only a matter of fine tuning. But we will come to the web interface and FRITZ!OS 7 later.


It is well known that AVM does not simply provide standard functions with its routers. But we don’t want to withhold all the features and extras as well as the technical details from you. The 7590 is even a small telephone system, if you look at it closely. You can connect two analogue telephones and one ISDN telephone directly. You can also connect six DECT telephones. For frequent callers, an answering machine is almost a must. Just like a fax function, these features are also offered.

AVM also offers numerous apps for Android smartphones to control or use FRITZ! box functions. The FRITZ!app Fon turns your smartphone into a landline phone, so you can also be reached at home via your landline number. With FRITZ!App WLAN you can analyze your WLAN and with FRITZ!App Cam your tablet turns into a surveillance camera. The control of the FRITZ!box is of course also possible via an app.

Technically the FRITZ!Box 7590 offers simultaneous WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/h for a good connection. In addition to the telephone ports, there are also two USB 3.0 ports. As mentioned at the beginning, the router offers users of Supervectoring a speed of up to 300 MBit. The option of simply setting up a mesh network is also part of the special equipment.

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