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FRITZ!Box 7590 Review: All-Rounder with Mesh Function

What’s Mesh Anyway?

If you’re new to mesh, here’s an explanation. In large apartments/houses, WLAN coverage can cause problems. If, for example, the FRITZ! box is located on the ground floor, the connection can stagnate on the floor above or in the attic. Mesh-enabled network devices, such as those offered by AVM, provide a remedy. A large WLAN network is created so that there is only one network name and one password. In contrast to a repeater, an additional network is not simply created and the connection passed on, but each device offers the same network. Prerequisite for AVM devices is the installed version 7 of FRITZ!OS. More information can be found here.

AVM FRITZ!Box 7590
AVM FRITZ!Box 7590

Speed and Ping

It is clear that the information provided by the manufacturers on speed often deviates somewhat from reality. In practice, there are many factors that lead to reduced performance. Frequently, the values given are also from laboratory tests or they are simply the theoretical values that are possible with the installed components.

In the case of smartphones, tablets or notebooks, the maximum WLAN transfer rate achieved was between 350 and 370 megabits per second. On average, however, up to 160 Mbit/s were always generated. The connection was very stable, there were hardly any fluctuations in the transmission rate.

For the test, we plugged an external hard drive into the rear USB port and set it to “Power Mode USB 3.0” in the web interface. The hard disk was recognized immediately, for a better overview we first create a file index. We accessed the data via the browser at fritz.box/nas#/. In the test we could move the data with a speed of 10 to 11 MB/s on our computer. So we can say that the test results are satisfactory.

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