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Gaming headset review: Logitech G733

The design

In addition to the sound, the design of a headset is of great importance nowadays. After all, we live in an age in which every hardware component, no matter how small, has its own RGB lighting. Accordingly, we would first like to take a look at the exterior of the headset.

Bold step into the rainbow land

Let’s not fool ourselves: In principle, all headsets look almost identical. This does not always have to be due to the basic design. Rather, it is the limited choice of colors that ensures that almost everyone has a black headset. Logitech wants to bring some color to this existing wasteland. With the G733, the manufacturer has undoubtedly succeeded. Here you can choose between four different colors. Those who like it classic, choose the black or white version. More courageous gamers opt for the friendly blue or even the bright pink. But that’s almost it when you take a closer look at the G733 in terms of bold design decisions. In fact, if you take the fact of the expanded color palette out of consideration, it’s a classic Logitech headset.

Workmanship less high quality than G933, G935

When you hold the G733 in your hands for the first time, you immediately notice its light weight. The mere 278 g is probably due to the light plastic chassis, which makes up the majority of the headset. But apart from the low weight, this doesn’t really have many advantages. In contrast to the higher priced family members, the headset unfortunately looks a bit less well made. The reason for this are probably the flexible plastic brackets. The extravagant headband can’t really convince me. It can be adjusted individually and offers a pleasant wearing comfort, but from a design point of view I find it a bit out of place. But as so often, that is a matter of taste. All in all, the G733 is a really handsome headset.

The ear pads

With the ear pads, one must first get used to somewhat unusual angles. Finally, Logitech has opted for an oval shape for the G733. Unfortunately, the ear cushions of the headset cannot be twisted. So the G733 is not really portable. But it obviously doesn’t want to be. It prefers to take its traditional place on the corresponding headset stand of the PC setup. What I particularly like are the light strips on the bottom of the ear pads. These are individually programmable – but more about that later. On the right earcup Logitech installs various controls. In addition to the on/off switch, there is also a volume control and a mute button for the microphone. The microphone itself is also located on the right earcup. Furthermore, the USB-C port for charging the headset is located there.

A little bit of gaming, a little bit of fashion accessory

The Logitech G733 is a beautiful piece of technology. But unfortunately it can’t fully convince me in terms of design. It is clear that Logitech has tried to make this headset modern and fancy design for gamers and friends alike. But unfortunately, the manufacturer can again fully convince in one respect and in the other. It neither looks like a headset for core gamers nor does it look particularly stylish. But as already mentioned, this is only a subjective view. Now let’s see what the headset has to offer in the really important points like comfort, features and performance.

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