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Genesis Nitro 880 – Gaming Chair Review

In October we tested the Genesis Nitro 550, a relatively inexpensive gaming chair from the same manufacturer, which is now followed by a more expensive model from the same manufacturer: the Genesis Nitro 880.

It is currently available in black/red and black/green and costs Price not available respectively € 246.31. Prices fluctuate strongly, but are often in the range between 250 and 300 euros. This means that buyers have to spend a lot more money than with the Nitro 550, but the Nitro 880 should also offer some additional functions. Among other things, Genesis promises better floor castors and the standard 4D armrests.

The following test will show how the Nitro 880 performs in practice and whether the extra charge for the Nitro 550 is worth it.


Frame construction: Metal
Carrier material: PU imitation leather
Armrests: 4D (top/bottom: 6 cm, left/right: 1,5 cm, front/back: 5 cm)
Ergonomics backrest tiltable, height adjustable
Gas spring: Class 4
Maximum load 150 kg

Scope of Delivery and Construction

Like other gaming chairs, the Nitro 880 is supplied in individual parts. Again, these are in two cardboard boxes, which are directly inside each other.

Included in the delivery are the individual parts of the chair, for example the different backrests and the gas pressure spring. Also the assembly tool and the screws with snap rings and washers are included, they are stored in a blister.

The assembly of the Nitro 880 is done quickly: Those who have a lot of space will probably need a good half hour, in cramped conditions a little longer. The assembly of the chair can be done completely on its own. Only when screwing on the backrest and placing the seat on the floor cross can it be practical to have a helper – but such a helper is never necessary.

As an optional extra, Genesis again supplies plastic covers for the connecting piece between seat and backrest. In addition, there are the two usual cushions for the neck and the lordosis, which can be strapped to the backrest.

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NATEC Genesis Nitro 880 Stuhl Spiel-, Kunstleder,
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